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After two years of hibernation, I think we can all agree on the importance of a good work from home space. When you have to join virtual classes or Zoom meetings from the same place you eat, sleep, hang out… breathe, it’s crucial that your home office furniture and decor is comfortable, functional, and inspiring. One absolute game-changer? A bright desk lamp that’s space-efficient, multi-functional, and aesthetically pleasing. So, with those attributes in mind, we compiled this list of the best ones on the market.

If you don’t already have a desk lamp you love for your work from home space, now’s the time to invest in one. (It doesn’t seem like life will be fully back to normal for a while, thanks to the recent introduction of Miss Omicron.) If you do have a desk lamp you love, it might be time to switch things up. New year, new desk lamp, perhaps?

Whether you’re looking for a bright LED light, a trendy desk accessory, or something small and compact, here are the 10 best desk lamps to elevate your at-home workspace for maximum productivity. Because remember: Your lack of motivation isn’t the problem—it’s your below-average desk lamp.

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This LED Desk Lamp

Elizabeth LED Desk Lamp

This minimalistic LED option has a wireless charging pad built into the brass base so you can have a full battery to scroll through Instagram—wait no, I mean… check emails—at your desk all day long.  


This Metal Desk Lamp

Gooseneck Clip On Lamp

Chic and sleek, this under-$25 option clips onto desks and tables (thanks to a sturdy metal clip that reviewers say will last years, unlike plastic ones that deteriorate over time) to provide light whenever and wherever you need it. 


This Modern Desk Lamp

Black/Gold Modern Table Lamp

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan

Shameless plug alert! She’s so cute, though, I couldn’t resist. Our desk lamp is the accent accessory of your modern interior dreams, thanks to a unique ball-shaped marble lamp and angled rod stand.


This Desk Lamp with Storage

White Desk Table Lamp

This do-it-all desk lamp has a super bright, touch-activated LED light, a built-in charger, and a pen holder at the base. We love a multi-purpose organization hack! 


This Mushroom-Shaped Desk Lamp

Setago Table Lamp

Melia Mcgee, merchandise director for Nordstrom Home, says this desk lamp will add “personality” to your space. “Its shape and color are inspired by Japanese lamps,” she explains, adding, “The dimmable functionality will allow you to adjust your lights as needed.” and honestly? I’m game.


This Retro Desk Lamp

Edie Prismatic Table Lamp

If your space already has a nice overhead light but you want to add a desk lamp for aesthetic purposes, this textured prismatic glass shade is a great option. Style it with your favorite coffee table books to create a cool vintage feel. 


This ’60s-Inspired Desk Lamp

Hylight Black Retro Desk Lamp

Our pick for the best must-have basic desk lamp, this semi-matte design is petite but sturdy. It features a flared lampshade that swivels vertically and horizontally, so you can aim it while you work. 


This Desk Lamp with a Pleated Shade

Table Lamp

Although $$$, this retro desk lamp is stylish, sophisticated, and one of those rare pieces that’ll completely change a room. It’s available in a wide range of colors, including white, lavender, and bright red. 


This Space-Efficient Desk Lamp

Bellino Desk Lamp

If you’re limited on space (hi, welcome to the club), try this versatile desk lamp with an adjustable arm, a convenient touch switch, and a USB port. The built-in LED bulb provides a ton of light, but the tiny base won’t take up your workspace.  


This Cozy Desk Lamp

Maskor Table Light

Get into the ~creative zone~ with this seashell-inspired desk lamp that emanates a warm glow for maximum comfort and relaxation. Add some candles or burn some essence, and the ideas will start flowing.

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