10 coolest non-dinosaur fossils unearthed in 2021


When it comes to fossil discoveries, dinosaurs rule supreme. The extinct reptilian group grabs the headlines every time a new species is named or a possible new behavior is discovered (and rightly so). But hidden among the Stegosaurus bones and Tyrannosaurus teeth, paleontologists also find a bunch of super cool fossils from other animals that don’t always get the attention they might deserve. Here is our list of the top 10 non-dinosaur fossil stories in 2021.

Parasite-infested ant in amber

The mushroom of the newly discovered parasitic fungus A. blatica growing out of the rectum of a carpenter ant fossilized in amber. (Image credit: George Poinar Jr., OSU)

In June, scientists identified a new species of extinct parasitic fungus growing out of the rectum of a 50 million-year-old ant that it killed. The entire ordeal had been fortuitously encased in amber and was perfectly preserved.

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