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14 Best Silk Pillowcases in 2022: Mulberry Silk Pillowcases from Amazon, Slip, Blissy, Fishers Finery

If you’re like us, you go to mattress with tame hair and dewy pores and skin and wake with tangled bedhead and creases in your face. Thankfully, the perfect silk pillowcases can fight these issues. Not solely is high-quality silk softer and smoother in your hair and pores and skin, nevertheless it feels luxurious too—making a silk pillowcase a terrific self-care reward, in addition to a sleep-product important for a lot of magnificence specialists. Let’s discover frequently-asked questions concerning silk pillowcases and break down a number of the greatest available on the market.

What are the advantages of silk pillowcases?

“There are many great benefits to silk pillowcases,” says skilled hairstylist and salon proprietor Candace Witherspoon, who recommends them to her shoppers. “They help hair maintain moisture, protect hair against extra frizz, and help prevent extra tangling and knots in the hair.” Celebrity hairstylist Mia Santiago provides that silk is good for “curly-haired cuties” and “anyone with overly processed, damaged hair.”

Board-certified dermatologist Papri Sarkar, MD, agrees with Witherspoon and Santiago, saying that silk (or satin) pillowcases trigger much less friction and pulling on hair strands than rougher cotton pillowcases, which persist with hair and result in breakage. 

As for pores and skin, regardless of claims that silk pillowcases battle zits, there isn’t proof to again these claims, Sarkar says. Still, she recommends silk pillowcases to her shoppers (and loves them herself), as she believes silk pillowcases will be useful, particularly as a result of silk regulates warmth nicely and retains pores and skin and hair cooler.

“Studies have shown that people generally sleep better in cooler temperatures,” Sarkar says. “Although a silk pillowcase won’t change the ambient temperature of your surroundings, it can keep your head and face cooler. If this does help you get a better night’s sleep, that’s great for skin, as studies show that low-quality sleep is associated with increased signs of aging.”

Additionally, silk is understood to be hypoallergenic, repelling moths and mud mites (ideally suited for anybody who suffers from allergy symptoms and bronchial asthma). Silk additionally absorbs much less moisture than cotton, so your pores and skin will keep extra hydrated—a plus if in case you have dry pores and skin or need your night time cream to remain in your face.

What kind of silk is greatest for pillowcases?

You’ll discover all kinds of silk pillowcases available on the market, and one phrase that crops up usually is “momme.” The momme depend of a silk pillowcase is a quantity as much as 30 that signifies the silk’s density and weight. Similar to string depend, the upper the momme depend, the higher-quality the silk. A momme depend of 13 to 19 is okay, and above 25 is taken into account high-end (and might be correspondingly dear). When searching for a silk pillowcase, search for a 22-momme, as its fibers are longer, resulting in smoother, extra sturdy cloth. 

Another measure for silk pillowcases is whether or not it has certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard (that means the pillowcase is fabricated from at the least 70% pure fibers) in addition to OEKO-TEX (which ensures that dyed and completed textiles haven’t any chemical substances or components), per The Washington Post studies.

The commonest business silk is mulberry silk. It comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm and is fed solely mulberry leaves. Pure mulberry silk is among the many most refined you’ll discover; cheaper silk pillowcases are sometimes blended with an artificial fiber akin to polyester or rayon.

What’s the distinction between silk and satin pillowcases?

Satin is technically a sort of weaving (not a sort of pure cloth like silk). It appears as modern and clean as silk and is equally much less absorbent. Traditionally, satin was comprised of silk, however right now, you’ll discover most satins are created from artificial fibers, akin to rayon, polyester, and cotton. The inclusion of artificial supplies makes satin extra versatile (slippery-feeling) than precise pure silk. Importantly, satin pillowcases are cheaper to supply (making them cheaper for the client)—however in case you’re a purist, beware. Silk pillowcases are normally extra sturdy, breathable, temperature-regulating, and hypoallergenic. 

How ought to you take care of your silk pillowcase?

“For the best results, make sure to change to a clean one at least one to two times per week,” Sarkar says. Hand-wash silk pillowcases with cool or lukewarm water and a laundry detergent designed to deal with silk, akin to The Laundress’ Delicate Wash or Slip’s Gentle Silk Wash. If you determine to scrub by machine, use the identical detergent, a mesh undergarment bag, chilly water, and wash on the fragile cycle. Air dry in each circumstances.

Below, we’ve gathered the perfect silk pillowcases obtainable proper now from manufacturers akin to Slip, Blissy, Fishers Finery, Brooklinen, Myk, Casper, Parachute, and Slpbaby at retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Target.

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