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20 Celebrity Grooming Tips from Henry Golding’s Groomer

Here’s a secret: those celebrities you see on TV, on red carpets, and at fancy parties don’t roll out of bed looking like that. Just like you and me, they spend time making sure their hair looks good, their skin looks fresh and their pimples aren’t showing. The difference is that they have a secret weapon: the celebrity groomer. Groomers are behind the scenes cutting and styling these dudes’ hair, prepping and caring for their skin, and making sure there is no errant hair, shiny forehead or bald spot that could ruin a good photo opp. Groomers are like magicians who have the ability to transform a regular dude into a movie star.

Melissa De Zarate is one of those magicians. With a client list that includes Henry Golding, Leon Bridges, Simon Rex, Machine Gun Kelly, Andrew Garfield, Corey Stoll, Kumail Nanjiani, Lee Pace, Ben Platt and more, she is one of the most in-demand celebrity groomers working today. Catch her on a slow day and she’ll be bouncing between photo shoots, talk show appearances, movie premiers and award shows with her bag of tricks in hand, all with the purpose of making sure her clients look their very best whenever and wherever the cameras might catch them. And just because her clients are some of the most handsome men on earth doesn’t mean that her job is easy.

Working with such a wide variety of men, De Zarate has accumulated an encyclopedic knowledge of skin and hair hacks that can help any guy—even you—look their absolute best. And you don’t have to be a celebrity to use them. We caught up with her between clients to find out her top tricks to help you put your best face forward on the daily, no matter your budget or grooming acumen. Here’s how to get movie star handsome without needing to actually be one.

1. Always Have This Tool Handy

“I use this mini groomer for all my clients—it’s a nose hair trimmer, a neckline trimmer and a sideburn trimmer—and I buy like five of them at a time. You can get a perfectly straight line when you want to clean up a beard without pulling out a full clipper. If I were a dude, I would keep this in my dopp kit because it knocks out your nose hairs, cleans up your eyebrows and can clean up your beard line. You’d be surprised how much of a difference those little things make.”

Wahl Micro Groomsman Personal Pen Trimmer & Detailer

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2. Oil Up Your Beard

“Guys don’t condition their beards enough. You’ve got to soften it up and make it touchable! It’s especially important in the winter when hair gets dry so easily. Massage in a little bit of beard oil at least every other day to keep it lush. If you don’t have beard oil, go to the kitchen and use a teaspoon of olive oil. You can use coconut oil, too, which is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog your pores), but not everyone wants to smell like a coconut, so olive or avocado oil will work, too. Your wife will thank you.”

3. Deep Condition All Your Hair

“Speaking of conditioning, do a weekly conditioning treatment on your hair and beard to really get it soft and touchable. Wash your beard at least three times a week—you can use a regular shampoo or a beard wash. Then use a conditioning mask in your beard and while you’re at it, throw it in your hair too. It doesn’t even have to take long—some masks like this one only need to sit for five minutes before rinsing. It makes a huge difference in the health of your hair.”

Living Proof Restore Repair Mask

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4. Use an Exfoliating Bath Mitt

“Keep an exfoliating bath mitt in your shower because you’re probably not getting as clean as you should. These bath mitts not only help you get extra clean when you scrub, but they also make your soap go further because they lather up so you use less of it. It will last for three or four months before you have to replace it.”

Supracor Stimulite Bath Mitt

5. Extend Your Haircut

“Use your regular beard trimmer or a hair trimmer if you have one to trim the hair around your ears and behind your sideburns. It will give your haircut another two weeks before you really need to get it done again.”

6. Wear Sunscreen Every Day

“Every man in the world needs to put sunscreen on their face every day. It will seriously help extend your youthful skin and make it healthier in the long run. And it’s never too late to start. I recommend this sunscreen to all my clients because it’s also a moisturizer so it eliminates a step and makes it easy to remember.”

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF

7. Use Half The Hair Product You Think You Need

“There’s a general rule that depending on the length and texture of your hair, you should be using a quarter, nickel or dime amount of hair product. The longer or thicker your hair, the more you need. But always start with half of what you think you need. You can always add more, but if you use too much, the only way to get it out is to wash your hair and start over and then you’re just wasting product.”

8. Camouflage Thinning Spots With Eyebrow Powder

“If you have thinning hair or your part is noticeable, pick up an eyebrow powder from a drug store that’s close to your natural hair color, or even just a touch darker, and use it to fill in the weak spots. After you style your hair with whatever you want to use and it’s dry, go in with the powder and use the stiff little brush to apply it to weak areas of your hairline, your part, or anywhere you want to camouflage thinning. Start with a little bit and build from there. Then when you’re finished, don’t forget to set it with hairspray. You don’t want it to move or a strong gust of wind ruining your handiwork.”

NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder

9. Add Sea Salt To Your Shampoo

“For a good deep cleanse for your scalp once a week, mix in a tablespoon of medium coarse sea salt to your normal everyday shampoo. It will exfoliate your scalp, give it a good deep clean, and strip out all of the excess product.”

10. Step Away From The Hair Gel

“At this point in time, technology has gotten so much more advanced in the hair care world that gels are obsolete. Especially for curly hair, you need to lean into the hydration. Instead of hair gel, use a nourishing curl cream that won’t dry your hair out or damage it. These creams help hydrate and bring curls back to life while still giving hold. It’s a total game changer for curly hair.”

11. Use A Scalp Massaging Brush In The Shower

“Get one of these scalp massaging hair brushes to use in the shower. It gets your hair cleaner and has the added bonus of stimulating your scalp and hair follicles for better hair growth and health. And if you really want to go there, use a head tingler to massage your head at night. Not only does it feel incredible, but it also stimulates blood flow to your scalp.”

12. If You’re Bald, Take Your Skincare Up Top

“Here’s the main thing that I’ll always say whenever I work on anyone who’s balding or bald: skin is skin, whether it’s the top of your head, the back of your head or the front of your face. Whatever you use on your face—moisturizer, serums, sunblock—use it everywhere on your head. And if you want to reduce shine up top, use a mattifier as your final step to cut glare.”

Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper Instant Matte Finish Oil Control Primer

13. Scrub Your Lips

“There have been many, many times where I’ve had clients show up with cracked, peeling lips. If you’re not putting on lip balm or you’re dehydrated, your lips will crack and peel. The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to fix peeling lips is a DIY lip scrub. Mix a little bit of brown sugar (the dry kind) with a teaspoon of coconut oil and scrub it on your lips. When you wipe it off, your lips are hydrated and most of the dead skin is gone. Repeat whenever you want.”

14. Perk Up Your Eyes With Eye Patches

“If a client has been out the night before and had a few too many wines or tequilas or whatever, I’ll put eye patches on them before I even apply any moisturizers or serums or anything. They de-puff and hydrate the eye area and you immediately notice a difference. Leave them in the fridge so they’re nice and cold whenever you need them. Leave them on for a while before you do the rest of your skincare routine and you’ll be shocked what a difference it makes.”

Mizon Under Eye Collagen Patches

15. Freeze Pimples Before They Form

“If you feel a pimple forming, before it becomes a whitehead, put an ice cube on it for as long as you can handle, up to an hour. It will reduce the size and help keep the inflammation down. Wrap the ice cube in a paper towel so it doesn’t stick to your skin and drip down your face.”

16. If You’re Going To Do One Thing For Your Skin, Exfoliate

“Lots of guys don’t know the importance of exfoliation and it takes the majority of my time when I’m getting someone ready if they have a lot of dead skin hanging around on their face. You don’t have to just live with dead skin—remove it! The easiest way to do it is just using a white wash cloth and hot water and scrubbing your face. You can also use a textured cotton pad with micellar water to buff circles on your face. Do either of those at night to remove dead skin and buildup from the day.”

Okie Okie Korean Exfoliating Washcloths

17. The Lightweight Moisturizer She Uses For Everyone

“This moisturizer is my go-to for all my clients because it’s lightweight and doesn’t cause you to break out. All my clients love it regardless of their skin type and it’s one of the only moisturizers I’ve used that works well for everyone.”

Shiseido Men Moisturizing Emulsion

18. Sleep In Dry Shampoo

“If you had a really long day, you worked out super hard, and your hair is really oily, but you know you’re not going to wash it the next day, put in some dry shampoo the night before. Spray it in, massage it into your head, go to bed. Just from tossing and turning and sweating at night, your scalp is going to absorb all of that dry shampoo, and you’re basically going to wake up with nicely lived in fresher hair.”

19. Use Pomade For Everything

Pomade is the multi-purpose product of the men’s grooming world and I use this one for everything. You can use it like a beard balm to smooth down flyaways in your beard. You can brush some through your eyebrows to tame them. You use it in your hair. I’ll literally use it on mustaches if I don’t have mustache wax. It’s one of those wonderful, works-for-everything products.”

Jillian Dempsey Roadie Hair Pomade

Jillian Dempsey Roadie Hair Pomade

20. Use Volumizing Spray Instead of Salt Spray

“I’m not a fan of salt spray, but volumizing spray is one of the most versatile products you can use and it won’t dry your hair out like a salt spray. People think it’s just to get more lift and body in your hair, but it’s also a great way to get texture. It’s a great way to set curls, too. Spray it onto wet or damp hair before adding your other products and you’ll end up using less product and have more room to build a style or shape that you’re looking for. It usually has a strong hold, so you can also dilute it with water to make it a little more workable.”

Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray

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