30 Disney Couple Costumes for Adults for Halloween 2021

Convincing your boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend to dress up in matching costumes with you for Halloween this year is only half the battle. Finding the right couples costumes to dress up as is the other challenge, and with so many options, it can seem like a daunting task to pick just one. One suggestion to make that just a *little* easier is to narrow your options with a theme, like a Disney-inspired couples costume—and I’m not only referring to Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There are also Disney bounding outfit ideas for those who don’t want to go too literal with their look.

Whether you appreciate the classic animated films from your childhood days, can sing every song from all the Disney princess movies, love the Disney Channel original movies, or prefer one of the more recent options, there’s so much potential for a good Halloween costume hiding in all your favorite movies and TV shows. I mean, just look at @colormecourtney’s whole feed for proof! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, keep scrolling for 30 Disney couple costumes to jog your memory and get you inspired for the spooky occasion coming up in October.


Wanda Maximoff and Vision

WandaVision may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be these charming (and v powerful) superheroes for Halloween.


Woody and Jessie

A Jessie the Cowgirl costume would be pretty recognizable on its own, but it’s made even better when partnered up with her buddy Woody. All you need is some cow print, a cowboy hat, some chaps, and you’re ready to giddy up with your getup.


The Cowardly Lion and Dorothy

Just because Dorothy and the Lion didn’t exactly hit it off in The Wizard of Oz doesn’t mean you can’t make your own fan-fiction version with a fun couples costume.


Carl and Ellie

When you think of Up, you probably think of the Russell the Boy Scout and an older Carl, but Ellie and younger Carl from the opening montage make the perfect couples costume.


Tweedledum and Tweedledee

With these classic characters from Alice in Wonderland, your couples costumes would be more than just coordinating—they’d be straight-up matching.


T’Challa and Nakia

For this costume, use your DIY skills to transform red bodysuit and tall leather boots or pants into Nakia’s armor and have your other half suit up in head-to-toe Black Panther outfit with a bodysuit and mask.


Prince Eric and Ariel

What you need to pull-off a convincing Little Mermaid-themed couples costume: purple top, green skirt, long red hair, a formal white jacket, and a few embellishments (like tassels and seashells) to transform the pieces.


Pirates of the Caribbean

A pirate is nothing without a pirate’s hat and lots of black eyeliner (and a bottle of rum). All the rest of the accessories, like a flouncy white top, a corset, and leather boots, is optional.


Star-Lord and Gamora

Do you love Guardians of the Galaxy? And, most importantly, do you have green body paint lying around? If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, then you’ll love this Disney couples costume idea.


Buzz Lightyear and Jessie

*Technically* Buzz is the one who ends up with Jessie, so if you want your couples costume to have a romantic angle, go with this cute idea from Toy Story.


Jack and Sally Skellington

Time to pull out the Halloween makeup and body paint because there’s no way to pull off this couples costume idea from the The Nightmare Before Christmas without it.


Spider-Man and Black Cat

Spider-Man and Mary Jane too cliché for you? Dress up as Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat instead. This catsuit costume’s way more fun anyway.


Taco and Belle

If you love a good pun costume, but you’ve got a Disney party to attend, here’s an idea for ya. Have one of you dress up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and the other go as a taco. Get it?!


Bugs in A Bug’s Life

Disney movie, but make it fashion. This interpretation of the insects in A Bug’s Life is proof that your costume doesn’t have to be a literal replica of the characters in the movie and can just serve as inspo instead.


The Mad Hatter and Alice

Alice in Wonderland has so many characters with great costumes that when it comes to putting together a couple inspired by the story, you’ve got options. If you don’t want to remind people who you are all night, go with two of the most recognizable: the Mad Hatter (@camerondallas) and Alice herself.


Pizza Planet Employees

I’ll bet you five bucks no one else at the party will be dressed in this creative couples costume at your Halloween party. Only true fans of Toy Story will get the reference if you and your S.O. show up in Pizza Planet delivery uniforms.


Billy and Winifred

Wini is usually seen as part of a group Hocus Pocus costume with her sisters Sarah and Mary, but you can also make it a couples costume by bringing her old lover Billy back from the grave.


Dr. Facilier and Tiana

Prince Naveen is cool and all, but this couples costume from The Princess and the Frog pairs together two favorites: Disney princesses and Disney villains. The perfect Halloween combo.


Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

A quick and cheap way to make hair as long as Rapunzel’s in Tangled? Use yarn.


Aladdin and Jasmine

This one might require buying pre-made Aladdin costumes, but you can use accessories you already have (gold jewelry and hair ties) to make it feel unique.


Chewbacca and Princess Leia

Leia’s costume (a white dress and her signature side buns) are the easiest part about pulling off this couples costume—it’s the full-body Chewbacca suit you’ll need to spend some time on.


Prince Charming and Cinderella

Don’t have glass slippers and a princess ball gown in your closet? Not necessary! As long as you’ve got a blue dress and a blue headband for Cinderella and a dress shirt and sash for Prince Charming, you can def throw together a Disney couples costume last minute.


Max and Roxanne

Not only are Max and Roxanne from A Goofy Movie one of Disney’s cutest couples, but they also make for the cutest Disney couples costume idea. The best part? You can put together the looks with items you probably already own.


Proto Zoa and Zenon

This Disney channel movie had you singing, “Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom,” constantly back in the day, and it’ll have everyone at your Halloween party doing the same this year.


Li Shang and Mulan

Dress up as these famous Disney characters from Mulan, and get ready to hear people singing songs from the movie all night long.


Bert and Mary Poppins

Even better if you have cute lil penguins with you! A white dress and striped suit each with their own coordinating hats will have everyone breaking out into songs from this classic musical.


R2D2 and Princess Leia

Don’t have someone else to go with for your couples costume? Use a prop instead and make it work! A trashcan was transformed into this R2D2 costume, which also makes it perfect for telling everyone how garbage your date is all night long.


Stitch and Nani

Lilo and Stich, while a great choice for a Disney duo, is an obvious one. Instead, go as Lilo’s older sister, Nani. If you don’t have a full-body Stitch costume (uhh, who does?), follow a makeup tutorial.


Storm and Aquaman

If we want to get technical, Aquaman is a part of DC Comics and only Storm (from Marvel Comics) would be considered Disney, but when a superhero-themed couples costume looks this good together, no one’s gonna care or notice.


Robin Hood

Who also had a crush on the animated fox in this movie? Just me? Cool. Anyway, Robin Hood and Lady Marian make a cute and more unconventional Disney couple costume.

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