It’s time children are taught that our society ‘is not evil’: Andrew Bolt

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says it’s time “we fought back” against the teaching of our children that Australia is “ugly and evil”.

It comes amid news Education Minister Alan Tudge has said the proposed new national curriculum for schools should be rewritten, saying the “overarching impression” in the proposed curriculum is “that the main feature of western civilisation is slavery, imperialism and colonisation”.

According to Mr Bolt, the move from Tudge is “good news”.

“Teaching children to hate their country, when in fact, right now we see Afghans risking death – being shot – in their desperation to get here and share our freedom”.

“Maybe it’s time we taught our children it wasn’t a fluke, that we have this society – so free. Wasn’t some accident,” Mr Bolt said.

“And it sure is not evil; cherish it.”

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