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GOP governors threaten to fight Biden’s vaccine mandate

The sweeping coronavirus vaccine mandate President Biden outlined yesterday isn’t going over well with many Republican leaders, who have called it everything from “un-American” and “unconstitutional” to “dictatorial” and a “war against capitalism.” So far, at least 19 GOP governors—so, representing 40% of U.S. states—have publicly registered their disapproval, with the heads of states like Wyoming and South Dakota, whose vaccination rates are among America’s worst, saying they already have a team figuring out how to sue the administration.

Still, news of Biden’s aggressive push appears to have triggered a very uniform response to what, at this point, might be the last tactic left to improve America’s flattened vaccination rate:

Considering the new rules will affect two-thirds of American workers, including at private employers with 100 or more people, the White House tells Axois’s Mike Allen this was sort of to be expected—they “knew there would be strong backlash. But unless someone took this on, we’d be in a pandemic forever.” An official added that “America is divided,” but “Biden is uniting the 75% vs. the 25% that is in opposition.”

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