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Save Big on The Mirror With This Awesome Flash Sale

The DIY-home gym trend is still going strong after all this time. If you’ve been waiting to invest in big-ticket workout equipment, don’t procrastinate anymore—you’re going to want the at-home gym option for the long haul. Though there are countless pieces of top-rated at-home exercise equipment, you truly only need one product to take your personal gym to a new level: the Mirror.

In the fitness community, Mirror is the hottest splurge that everyone has their eye on. And right now, the fitness tech company is offering free shipping and installation with any Mirror purchased during the month of September, a $250 value. To get this major deal, just use the code SEPTEMBER21 at checkout.

Mirror has completely reimagined the way you work out from home. To the eye, it’s a simple reflective piece of décor you look in to make sure your pants-to-shoe ratio is aligned. But in reality, it’s so much more. With the swipe of a screen, Mirror magically turns into a device that brings you both pre-recorded and live workouts. The nearly invisible at-home gym includes 50-plus workout genres in five to 60-minute class formats. And it isn’t just for pros. Even beginners can use the device, which promises to “put treadmills to shame.”

Mirror also has a built-in camera to give you instant feedback and motivation as you sweat through each rep. Think about all the money you’re saving from attending an actual gym and funnel that into the price of this high-tech fitness device that will last you for years. With that in mind, the $1,495 price tag will sting a little less.

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Mirror (Originally $1,495, Now $1,245)

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