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19 Best Plant Care Products to Help Your Houseplants Thrive, According to Plant Experts

Plant parents like to think they know it all, but do you really have all of the best plant-care products in your arsenal? While houseplants are generally uncomplicated (it all comes down to water, light, and food), it can be a real challenge to mimic bright, tropical environments—especially if you live in a lightless apartment or colder climate. That’s where we come in. We tapped four plant experts for tips and guidance on the ideal plant-care products for thriving plants, while keeping the planet in mind: Maryah Greene, plant stylist and consultant, founder of Greene Piece; Agatha Isabel, founder of Planting for Progress and owner of Plant Ma Shop; Nathan Raab, owner of Pointless Plants; and Jarema Osofsky, landscape and interior-plant designer and founder of Dirt Queen NYC.

Whether your green gals are lush AF, or you have one plant hanging on for dear life, this plant-care guide is here to serve as a resource for you throughout your plant-parenthood journey. Each of these tools comes recommended by the experts, with tips on how to use each one and why they’re important. From a décor grow light to a buzzy soil alternative, we have everything you’ll need for happy houseplants—no matter how green your thumb is.

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