Chopard’s Love Fragrance Is Literally All About Roses

Caroline Scheufele and Alberto Morillas have created the perfect olfactive match

The house of Chopard takes great care in the fragrances that are produced. Love Chopard, a fragrance that was created for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, a festival that never happened due to the pandemic has found a reigniting in 2021. The bold red bottle is an inspiration for red carpets, an ode to their slow comeback for film festivals, galas, and fashion weeks around the world.

Crafted by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the rose stands at the center of the fragrance. It’s Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s Artistic Director and Co-President’s favorite flower, representing the house’s love language. “I need to be surrounded by flowers, again and again. Roses are my favorite. They are, without hesitation, the most beautiful way to a woman’s heart,” states Scheufele in notes from the house.

Love Chopard is made of hundreds of fragrant substances from flower varieties native to Damascus, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, Morocco and Taïf. Just as a rose unfolds with its layer of petals, so does the fragrance. Using three rose notes: Turkish rose infusion, Bulgarian rose, and Moroccan Centifolia, Morillas also included silky violets and mandarin zest, as well as pink pepper and natural cinnamon.

“In creating Love Chopard, I was immediately drawn to the rose. Rose is the queen of Beauty and the queen of Perfumery. With its endless facets and hues, creativity has no limits,” states Morillas. “For Love Chopard, I was inspired to play with its extraordinary versatility and reinvent this eternal theme, fancying a whirl of the most gorgeous roses in the world, spreading their aura like a red carpet and leading the dance from top to trail.”

The bottle is luxurious in and of itself. The cap, made from recyclable glass is, according to the house a talisman that speaks of the word love. The bottle is inspired by Chopard’s haute jewelry creations. Noting: The flacon and its sumptuous top outline a precious flower of hearts, both entirely sculpted in noble heavy glass set with gold details. The card-box that holds the bottle is made from recyclable luxury paper that’s FSC certified.

And speaking of being eco-friendly, every Chopard fragrance includes sustainably sourced raw materials and natural essences from all over the world. Fifteen of Chopard’s thirty sustainably sourced fragrances from Naturals TogetherÔ , an international program of sustainable excellence created by Swiss fragrance house and sustainability leader Firmenich. Love Chopard is free of phthalates, allergens, and GMO’s, and it is formulated with a certified natural alcohol from sustainably grown and harvested plants.

Upon first waft you smell the rose and cinnamon, a contrast of sweet and spicy. The fragrance can be purchased online at with the 100ML retailing for $137; the 50ML retailing for $102; and the 30ML retailing for $68.

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