Rugby Player Rescues Sheep From Barbed Wire in Viral Video (WATCH)


What does one do on seeing an animal in distress? If you’re former Aussie rugby player Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins, you go right to its aid.

In the viral video—which now has more than 16 million hits on Twitter—Nick switches on the emergency lights of his car, then jumps out and runs to help a black and white sheep entangled in a barbed-wire fence.

The sheep is having difficulty freeing itself, so Nick calms the distressed animal, then works at separating its horns from the wire.

The sheep is free. Now Nick just has the not-so-easy task of getting the animal away from road traffic and back in its field.

“Usually, they go into a sort of hypnotized state when you have them like this,” Nick says to his friend as he holds onto the sheep’s hooves.

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He lifts the animal safely over the fence, and it runs baa-ing across the field.

Nick yells, “You’re welcome!” right back.

(WATCH the animal rescue video below.)

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