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28 Sleep Gifts for the Exhausted People in Your Life: Bose, Lunya, Slip

For most sleep-deprived people, a full night’s rest is the greatest gift of all—but, sadly, that isn’t available for order this holiday shopping season. Tangentially related sleep gifts that aid them in getting a better night’s rest (say, pajamas, blankets, eye masks, and meditation subscriptions) will have to suffice and, hopefully, bring those eight hours the slightest bit closer.

Sleep gifts celebrate the magic of a solid snooze and getting a better night’s sleep. These products help the recipient feel cozier, to wind down with a more relaxing bedtime routine, fall asleep faster, snooze more soundly—and, in the morning, ideally wake feeling more rested. 

Read on to find the perfect present for anyone who’s been tossing and turning when they should be catching Zs. But don’t sleep on sending your gift as early as you can. December 15 is the holiday shipping deadline for a majority of retailers, and with widespread delays already occurring, we don’t want the exhausted people in your life to miss out on these restorative gifts.

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