Streak for second all-time champ on ‘Jeopardy!’ ends at 38 wins

Ken Jennings can go to sleep knowing that his all-time “Jeopardy!” streak remains — for now.

The second all-time consecutive winner, Matt Amodio, lost Monday, ending a streak that lasted 38 shows and netted him $1.5 million.

Amodio, a Ph.D. student studying computer science at Yale University, landed in third place on Monday, after an actor from Florida and a statistical researcher from Tennessee, the show said.

“I always wanted to be a ‘Jeopardy!’ champion, and I accomplished that,” Amodio said in a release. “l know going into every bar trivia game that I play that I’m going to come in with a little intimidation factor. But also, I just like the badge that it represents. As somebody who prioritizes knowledge and knowing things, this is really a good one to have following me everywhere.”

Jennings, a computer programmer who lasted 74 shows and won $2.5 million during a six-month run in 2004, remains the all-time champ of “Jeopardy,” a show that’s been a fixture on American television since 1984.

After the death of its longtime host, Alex Trebek, “Jeopardy!” faced a backlash over the selection of executive producer Mike Richards to host the show amid revelations that he made disparaging comments about women, Jews, poor people and Haiti.

Richards had also been accused in separate lawsuits of mistreating women when he was co-executive producer of “The Price is Right.”

Richards, who stepped down as “Jeopardy!” host, denied wrongdoing and described the suits as employment disputes that “do not reflect the reality of who I am.” He apologized for his disparaging comments and said his “attempts to be funny and provocative were not acceptable.”

Last month, the show announced that Jennings and “The Big Bang Theory” actor Mayim Bialik will split hosting duties through Nov. 5.

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