7 Best Advent Calendars for Candle Lovers 2021 — Unique Advent Calendars

best advent calendars for candle lovers


Honestly, my Christmas countdown starts as soon as the weather drops below 60 degrees. Am I weird? Maybe. Will that stop me? Absolutely not. What can I say, I’m a sucker for holiday festivities.

From indulging in (prob way too many) winter cocktails to splurging on all things cozy, my bank account def plummets in the month of December. It hurts even thinking about it. But, hey, with a cute advent cal, at least I’ll get a little gift each day. That makes up for it, right?!

In addition to being overly excited about the holiday season, I’m also a self-proclaimed candle addict (more on that, here). So, of course, I want to combine two of my favorite things. That, my friends, is why I bring to you the best advent calendars for candle lovers. I mean, who doesn’t love warm winter aromas and a new surprise every day?

Pop ‘em in your cart, light ‘em up, and let the countdown to Christmas begin!

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the one with candles galore

24-Piece Tealight Advent Calendar Sampler

Yep, this gem comes with literally 24 of the cutest candles. And it’s under $30! What’s making you not click buy on this bb?!


the one with gorgeous packaging

Luxury Candle Advent Calendar

If you wanna get one (for yourself or for a loved one) that has a really pretty holiday design, I say grab this one that comes with handmade candles.


the one for christmas lovers

12 Days of Gnome Candles Set

IDK about you but my heart can’t take the fact that there are 12 different gnome illustrations on each of these scents! Doesn’t get more Christmas than that (hehe).



Mini Candle Advent Calendar

What’s better than one Voluspa candle? Twelve mini ones!! Bang for your buck? Yep. Super cute? Absolutely. Count down to the big day with these beautifully scented candles from Voluspa’s Japonica Collection. 



2020 Christmas Candle Advent Calendar

This Advent calendar contains 24 mini soy candles in an assortment of unique scents that scream ‘tis the szn. Listen to these: maple bourbon spice cake, snowy midnight stroll, frosted windowpane, snow village, and So! Many! More! You bet I’m buying this advent calendar just to see what these fun candles smell like.



Choose Five Soy Candles

Even though this bb isn’t technically an advent calendar, the cool thing about this candle set is that you get to customize it completely. Choose your scents and the duration of your countdown. Whether it be five weeks or five days, it’s totally up to you. My candle recs? Mistletoe, frosted juniper, Christmas hearth, maple and apple bourbon, and fireside.



Advent Calendar Christmas Candle

Here’s a spin on your classic advent calendar: a singular candle with a countdown that you cross off. Light it for one hour and check off each day as Christmas draws near. Plus, you can personalize it. This one is for the grownups who want to be festive but also sophisticated.

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