Singer Bryan Adams backs Vancouver dairy alternative start-up company

Bettermoo(d) CEO Nima Bahrami says he reached out to Adams through Instagram and was “very shocked that he responded”

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North Vancouver-raised rocker Bryan Adams has invested in a local dairy-alternative startup called bettermoo(d).

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In a prepared statement, Adams said he had been championing the values of a plant-based diet for more than 30 years, which is why he is backing bettermoo(d).

“Fostering responsible eating habits, such as choosing plant-based dairy alternatives, is something that we can all do to help lessen animal cruelty and help our environment,” said Adams, who is based in England.

According to Statistics Canada, there are 2.3 million vegetarians in Canada and 850,000 who declare themselves vegan. British Columbia has the highest share of vegetarians and vegans in Canada.

The company’s first product is called Moodrink (a plant-based milk alternative) and is expected to be available sometime over the next few months. Moodrink will be made from oat milk and come in a variety of flavours, but according to CEO Nima Bahrami it will stand out from other similar drinks because it is herb infused.

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He said the product was also made to taste creamy and as milk-like as possible for use in cooking, with cereal and coffee, and to drink on its own.

Bahrami said he reached out to Adams on Instagram earlier this year because he knew that the singer was an advocate of plant-based diets.

“I was very shocked that he responded,” Bahrami said. Adams has 880,000 followers on Instagram and 650,000 on Twitter and uses both formats to promote his music and to raise environmental, animal rights and dietary awareness.

Bahrami said the company, which already had early investors, sent some of the product to Adams, who agreed to become a shareholder in the business. He will be in Vancouver next month to help promote the venture.

He said bettermoo(d) would be making and packaging the drink in a Canadian location to be determined and would initially be sold through the company’s website. The product has a shelf-life of around a year, making this a viable proposition, however Bahrami said the goal is to get Moodrink on supermarket shelves and part of online delivery services.

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