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Brit and Russian tourists in mass brawl at five-star hotel ‘leaving one with broken arm’ – World News

Shocking mobile phone footage captured the violent scenes in the garden of a hotel – which has not been named – in Muratpasa in South West Turkey as the fight reportedly started when a British tourist looked a Russian man’s girlfriend

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Turkey: Shocking moment UK tourists and Russians brawl outside hotel

The shocking moment British and Russian tourists brawled at a five-star hotel – reportedly leaving one Brit with a broken arm – was caught on camera.

The scrap between up to 15 men was said to have been sparked when one of the Brits was accused of looking at a Russian man’s girlfriend.

The horrifying scenes were filmed on a mobile phone in the garden of a hotel – which has not been named – in Muratpasa in South West Turkey on Monday evening.

Violent scenes erupted reportedly leaving a British tourist with a broken arm and a Russian tourist with a broken nose, according to En Son Haber.

This the dramatic moment a mass brawl breaks out between British and Russian tourists in Antalya, Turkey



One man is seen then landing a punch on another man, knocking him down.

Things rapidly escalate when more punches are thrown.

Russian tourists then attacked their rivals as footage shows the two groups shouting at each other with one apparently telling another to “f*** off”.

The scrap evolves to a mass brawl when one of the Russians then allegedly attacks a British tourist.

One British tourist reportedly broke his arm



At one point, a man with a British voice is heard shouting “get off me”.

Then some women, who are reportedly the tourists’ girlfriends, appear to become involved and try to separate the men.

They can be heard screaming as the fight continues before stopping the violence.

The shocking scenes also show hotel staff, who have not been identified, trying and failing to intervene and stop the violence.

Hotel tables and armchairs where said to have been damaged during the fight on Monday evening



Local media reported the fight left garden tables and armchairs damaged.

It was also reported a British tourist suffered a broken arm and a Russian tourist suffered a broken nose.

Both were said to have been treated by medical professionals who were called to the hotel.

Police are said to be investigating what happened as none of the people involved has been identified.

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