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Now that working from home has become more of ~a thing~, people are probably wishlisting things that will cater to this new way of living. So, when it comes to gift-giving (especially for that one person in your life who’s always hunched over their cluttered desk with their eyes glued to the computer screen for hoursssssss), you can probably assume that they’d be VERY thankful for anything that’ll make their workdays easier to deal with.

Below, you’ll find all types of WFH-specific goodies that’ll make the workaholic in your life jump for joy. Whatever the holiday or occasion (or if you just feel like treating your loved one), I’m sure any of the work-from-home gifts below will make their job so much less stressful—and more enjoyable, too. You can thank me later!

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This Smart Notebook

Smart Reusable Notebook

I’m all for anything and everything that is eco-friendly! This 42-page ~tech~ notebook will turn your handwritten notes into digital documents that’ll upload to whatever cloud service your giftee uses (Google Drive, iCloud, or Slack, anyone?). Plus, it comes with different templates so that you can use it as a place to plan, jot down notes, sketch, and more.


This Exercise/Stability Ball Chair

Balance Ball Chair

Yup, sitting on a ball can actually solve all the back issues that working-from-home peeps go through on a daily basis. Not only is this is a fun present (I’d be bouncing on this 24/7 if I got this), but it’ll also save someone from a pricey medical bill. 


This Soy Candle

Greetings From Mi Casa Candle

Scent and general ambiance is essential to any workspace, IMO. And this vegan coconut soy candle (that’s paraben-free and dye-free) will help generate all the good vibes in their office nook. No need to worry about it lasting long because it’s got a 50-hour burn time!


These Stylish Blue Light Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Help save your friends—one pupil at a time—with these v cute blue light-blocking glasses. This pair comes in a ton of different colors and patterns, so you can choose a pair to match their ~vibe.~


These Fashionable Hair Clips

4-Pack Hair Claw Clips

Hair ties are overrated, and the trendy way to keep your hair out of your face is by clipping them with a stylish claw clip. 


This Handy Desk Lamp

Staggered Glass USB Table Lamp

A lamp that also charges for your phone? BLESS!


These Cozy Slippers

Fluffy Slippers

My feet always seem to be cold (with or without socks on) while I’m working.  So, if it were me receiving a gift, I would l-o-v-e these soft, luxe slippers from Twelve AM Co. 


This Inspiring Card

You Will Rise Affirmation Card

We all need some words of encouragement during the workday. And since we don’t have coworkers to hype us up IRL, this cute card will do the job.


This Charging Station

Multi-Device Charging Station

Tangled charging cords is a universal nightmare for anybody. One hundred percent guaranteed. This gadget will keep their tech gear juiced up, neatly organized, and all in one place! 


This Pastel Keyboard Cover

Baby Blue Keyboard Cover

WFH means staring at a boring, plain keyboard all day. But that can be a thing of the past with this pretty covering. They come in a variety of colors, so you’re able to get that special person you’re shopping for the one that suits them best!


This Diffuser Set

Smart Home Diffuser Kit

Plug this diffuser into your wall, add a scent, and boom. Now you’ve been transported to your very own spa. This set also lets ’em control the diffuser and customize the fragrances from their phone!


This Handy Note Board

Acrylic Notes Board

Keeping track of a to-do list can get a bit chaotic. But having this sleek, acrylic note board mounted on the wall by their desk will make note-taking so much easier.


This Comfy Sweat Set

Daytime Sweat Set

Who wants to wear actual clothes at home? Yeah, no one. And *we* (the geniuses at Cosmo) know that, so we made our own sweat sets that you really oughta see. Now anyone doing their job from their humble abode can look cute AF and feel super comfy.


This Motivating Notebook

CEO Mindset Notebook

It’s not a real notebook if it doesn’t have a motivating cover!


This Useful Alarm Clock

Restore Reading Light, Sound Machine, and Sunrise Alarm Clock

There’s nothing better than a multi-faceted invention. This serene alarm clock literally simulates sunrise so that waking up is more of a natural process. But that’s not all it does! It also has a built-in sound machine to help ya fall asleep and a reading light that produces soft hues.


This Button-Up Tee

Classic-Fit Long Sleeve Button Down

It’s hard getting dressed into real clothes when you’re walking five steps from your bed over to your desk. But throwing on this cute and put-together collared shirt will instantly level up someone’s work ‘fit. (Fuzzy bottoms can still be worn.)


This Mini Coffee Maker

K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

Save your mom, BFF, or S.O. some coin by getting them this single serve coffee maker. It’s also very small in size, so it can practically fit anywhere in any part of le home! 


This Chic Wireless Charger

Drop Wireless Charging Pad

One of the best inventions of this generation has to be the wireless charger. This smol pad does wonders and will make any person happy. Guaranteed. 


This Clutch Sandwich-Making Device

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to make a meal during the workday. Enter: this sandwich maker, a legit superhero that will make putting together breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner a hell of a lot easier.


This soft Tie-Dye pullover

Tie Dye Tunic Crewneck Sweatshirt

Tie-dye anything is all the rage right now. And I promise that whoever you give this to will get allllll the compliments on their Zoom calls.


This Heated Back and Neck Massager

Back Massager with Heat

Bless your loved one with this affordable back massager—no appointment necessary! It’s also very lightweight and travel-friendly.

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