Daniel Andrews and family the subject of ‘violent extremist threats’

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews has decried “violent and extremist threats” directed toward him and his family from people who oppose his handling of the pandemic.
Mr Andrews said the threats have targeted not only himself but his wife and children and have have come from “rabid anti-vaxxers“.

“We have seen extremists, rabid anti-vaxxer and others making all sorts of threats, threats against me, my wife and my kids,” Mr Andrews told Today.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed he and his family received violent threats. (Nine)

“My family are okay. They are used to some of the difficult part of this job, but this job is a great, great honour.”

Earlier this week mobs of people stormed the streets of Melbourne protesting Mr Andrews’ handling of the state’s COVID-19 outbreak and vaccine laws.

“When you see this sort of appalling behaviour, nothing is less democratic than driving around – wheeling around a set of gallows out the front of Parliament House,” Mr Andrews said.

An inflatable Daniel Andrews was thrown on makeshift gallows during Melbourne’s pandemic laws protest. (Nine)

“That’s wrong. And it should be called out. Not just for my family, for every family.

“If Victorians were listening to these rabid extremist anti-vaxxers, then we wouldn’t be standing here today talking about the fact that 90 per cent of Victorians have done what I say is the right thing, got vaccinated. We are not divided by this issue.”

Mr Andrews said states and territories were forced into lockdown because of Australia’s sluggish COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

“We have had to do lockdowns, as the Prime Minister said we had to be in people’s lives because there were no vaccines,” he said.

“And who forgot to order the vaccines?

“It wasn’t the state governments, so it’s a bit rich to get a lecture.”

Restrictions eased from 11.59pm yesterday. There will be “no more rules, no more caps” for venues, Mr Andrews said.

Today, there were 1273 new local COVID-19 cases detected across the state, with the total number of active cases now standing at some 13,000.

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