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I know you love your pup, and I know you love your apartment, too—so, of course, you want some cute dog toys that won’t look like absolute trash just lying around your precious space. Aesthetics! Do! Matter! But coming across chew toys that aren’t total eyesores can (unforch) be a real hard feat. Sure, you could get your floof ball some classic, highlighter-yellow tennis balls and googly-eyed squeaker toys. But then you run the risk of your living room looking like a kids’ pen. Or worse, a dumpster. *Deep sigh.* Good thing you’ve landed on this page, though.

Below, you’ll find a list of aesthetically pleasing pet toys that your pupperoni is sure to love—from punny plushies to rope pullies and even some tough-to-destroy nylon toys for the super chewer. Go ahead and have fun shopping! (And please tell your [dog name here] that I said hi and that I love ’em. K, byeeee.)

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this lil brown bag

Knit Brown Bag Toy

Excuse me while I cry over how ka-yoot this lil Bloomies bag toy is. Every shopaholic needs this. It is law.


this parisian bundle

Pups in Paris Bundle

Oui, oui, mon ami! Not only is this set très chic, it’s also cute as heck. I mean, look at the little ‘stach!)


this cute collab

OUAI x maxbone Plush Toy

All my beauty junkies know that OUAI is the haircare brand. And as such, it shall be made into the cutest dog toy ever. (Oh, and you can grab a bottle of the actual doggy shampoo, here.)


this hearty meal

Barking Brunch Squeaky Dog Toy, 5 count

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

Yes! There is finally a dog toy inspired by the thing that’s apparently made Millennials broke! No, not student debt, the other thing! Avocado toast!!!!!!! Also please tell me how precious the rest of this brunch toy set is.


this lilac trio

Dog Toy Gift Set

Wild One

Legit, Wild One’s dog toys were designed to be gazed upon. You can handpick which one(s) you want, or you could get them all in a set, here.


this “bottle” of champagne

Woof Clicquot Plush Toy

Take your bubbly obsession to the next level with this bb.


this v theatric set

Hollywoof Cinema Plush Dog Toy Collection, Set of 5

This movie theater-inspired toy set just screams Welcome, to Hollywoof, babe! And I need it for my pup, like ASAP.


this hilarious frisbee

Cogedoin Frisbee

Announce to the dog park that your fur bb is into crypto. Or at least has a great sense of humor.


this “designer” pick

Squeaky Parody Plush Dog Toy

I’m sorry, but this here is a BARKIN BAG. I have no words other than that I need this delivered yesterday.


this sophisticated rope toy

Large Twisted Rope Toy

A rope toy? That looks chic?? Well, I have never!


this gourmet entree

Heralded Ham

Just please imagine your fur baby chewing on this ham-inspired nylon bone like it’s a GD feast. Okay, now add it to your cart.


this dreamy bouquet

Stuffed Squeaker Dog Toy

Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of roses. And I’m just saying, your actions better match your words.


these aesthetic tennis balls

4 Tennis Balls

Wild One

Tennis balls that are, ahem, cute??? Sold. 


this personalized one

Custom Plaid Puppy Toy with Squeaker

I could cry over how presh these gingham dog toys are. Plus, you can get your pup’s name on it!!!!!


this nod to new york city

Fab Dog Metrocard Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

A little ode to NYC, here’s a subway pass you won’t ever have to refill. (That is, unless your doggo chews a hole in it…)


this sweet treat

Ice Cream Cone Dog Toy

Don’t mind me, just tearing up over the image of my puppy playing tug of war with this. 

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