I’m A Celebrity 2021 – Naughty Boy snaps at Richard Madeley over ‘weakest link’ fears as David Ginola goes topless

I’M A Celebrity’s Naughty Boy snapped at the rest of his campmates over fears he’s the “weakest link”, while David Ginola went topless for the challenge.

The musician broke down after the other camp decided to put him up against Snoochie Shy in the trial.

Naughty Boy couldn’t figure out why his fellow campmates picked him, and wasn’t having any of it when Richard Madeley, Arlene Phillips and Danny Miller tried to comfort him.

Earlier on in the episode footie star David showed off his impressive physique during the head-to-head challenge.

Frankie Bridge, Kadeena Cox, and the viewers are home were left swooning over him.

I’m A Celebrity has been shaken by accusations over stars receiving hot water, cigarettes and heating, despite portraying them living in ‘gruelling’ living conditions.

The revelations come after producers had promised this year’s series in North Wales would be the “toughest” so far for stars.

But, to the disappointment of I’m A Celeb fans, it turns out the cossetted stars have a heated Portakabin where they can wait as they prepare for trials, as well as being supplied with packs of cigarettes.

Producers said the VIPs have to manually pump a device to reach a certain pressure for the boiler to work. In reality, it can be turned on with the flick of a switch.

And, it turns out that a source also said that: “They are allowed some cigarettes… there’s a pretty good supply,” even saying that “Naughty Boy has been smoking too.”

Read our I’m A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip…

  • Four celebs took on the latest head-to-head challenge

    It was the Main Camp’s Frankie and Kadeena vs The Clink’s
    Naughty Boy and David.

    The girls managed to beat the boys and went back with the tasty biscuits.

  • Arlene and Naughty Boy have developed a loving bond

    The Strictly star got teary talking about her daughter to the rapper.

    She said: “I was quite worried in the night [that] my daughter would see this and she’d worry and not know that I’m actually OK.” 

    But the musician reassured her everything will be fine.
    Naughty Boy replied: “You’re the reason we’re all trying to be better as well. Let me give you a hug, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You’ve made me feel like I’ve got someone here.”

  • Would you like a recap over what happened tonight?

    Stay tuned!

  • Who is the next celebrity to take on a trial?

    You’ve chosen Richard Madeley!

  • Richard wants them to sleep on their decision – will they change their minds?

    The star joked: “Naughty Boy has morphed into ‘Very Very Sad Boy”.

  • Arlene has said she wants to quit too..

    What is going on in The Clink?!?!??!

  • Naughty Boy doesn’t want to be in the main camp

    Richard has asked if there is anything they can do to change his mind

    “My heart is not in it anymore,” the rapper said.

    Naughty Boy is fuming with the other camp mates…


  • It’s Arlene, Danny, Naughty Boy and Richard’s final night in The Clink

    Meanwhile Kadeena, Frankie, Louise, Snoochie and Matty are enjoying their tasty meal won by the radio presenter.

    Will tensions run high between the camps when they reunite tomorrow?

  • VERY deep words

    Talking about the other camp, Naughty Boy said: “They are the reason why I have left.”

  • Naughty Boy is feeling really low and has confessed he wants to quit

    “I’ve tried my best both times today. I just can’t go from here into that main camp. As I said I wear my heart of my face…,” the rapper confessed.

  • The Clink camp are upset that the other camp picked Naughty Boy when he was feeling so low…

    What do you think?

  • Snoochie has won!

    The DJ can’t stop screaming… but poor old Naughty Boy looked gutted.

  • Snoochie is currently in the lead…

    Will Naughty Boy be able to pull this out of the bag?

  • The challenge has begun!

    Snoochie is being VERY loud in the coffin… meanwhile Naughty Boy hasn’t said a WORD…

  • The challenge is about to start!

    A confident Naughty Boy confessed: “I’m ready.”

    While Snoochie seems very scared…

  • Naughty Boy is trying to figure out why he’s been picked for a second time…

    “I think it is because I might be the weakest link for them.”

  • Snoochie Shy vs. Naughty Boy

    Naughty Boy doesn’t seem like he’s in a very good mood going into the trial…

    Who do you think is going to win?

  • Frankie also explained what it was like being in The Saturdays AND S Club 7

    When Matty asked if things got tense, she said: “It does, but in the same way it does with brothers and sisters. Genuinely we never had big rows and I think that’s why we never officially broke up.”

  • The celebs are opening up about their careers…

    Kadeena told her campmates: “I was a runner from a young age. 2014, when I had my stroke and was diagnosed with MS, I couldn’t run.

    “I just kept falling over, my balance was so bad.

    “There was just the wattbike in the gym, I’d sit on the wattbike in the gym because it was stationary and I couldn’t really fall anywhere. And
    then someone was like, ‘Your power’s pretty decent.’

    “Spoke to British Cycling and they were like, ‘We think you’d be great at this.’ 23 [I was when I had my stroke].

    “Four months later I had an MS relapse and they were like, ‘Your brain’s doing some weird stuff.’”

  • Fans are loving Danny and David’s bromance

    One said on Twitter: “Can we vote Danny and David for a joint trail?

    Another wrote: “David and Danny is the duo I never knew I needed”

    A third chimed in: “I wanna cry David and Danny are absolutely everything.”

  • Arlene’s not the only one swooning over David…

    Kadeena and Frankie were impressed by his physique and got very distracted during the challenge

    Would you?

  • “You got silver”

    Danny, Richard and Arlene are so proud of their teammates despite not bringing back the biscuits.

    The former Strictly star also commented on how David’s body should be admired…

    Oh I say!

  • “I tried my best!”

    Naughty Boy is absolutely devastated and nearly started crying after they lost their biscuits for The Clink.

  • Kadeena and Frankie copied Naughty Boy and David’s sneaky tactic…

    But who will be quicker at getting the liquid at the top? Naughty Boy OR Kadeena?

  • Fans are drooling over a topless David

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “david oh my god.”

    Another said: “DAVID GOD DAYUM”

    A third joked: “David is giving the audience what they want.”

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