Save 15% on Whatafit Resistance Bands Sets this Black Friday

As winter begins, many people look for ways to stay fit and healthy indoors rather than participating in chilly, outdoor activities. And if you’re someone who either wants to complement their weight-lifting or running regime with some low-impact, yet productive, conditioning, resistance bands could be a great fit for you. 

This Black Friday, you can find a Whatafit Resistance Bands Set on sale on Amazon for $25.49. The set comes with 16 different pieces, including five different weighted bands: 10 lb. (yellow), 20 lb. (blue), 30 lb. (green), 40 lb. (black) and 50 lb. (red). An additional five loop bands, two cushioned handles, and a door anchor are also included. The resistance bands and other items can be transported easily with the carrying case that comes with the set. After all, it measures just 8.11 x 6.89 x 4.53 inches. 

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