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22 Best Button-Down Shirts for Men 2022

best button down shirts for men


IF THERE’S one shirt that can level up a man’s look to the nines, it’s the button-down that’ll invoke classic style as effortlessly as it can carry off a casual look. A button-down’s versatility is, thus, its ultimate trump card. You can dress it up with a pair of tailored trousers, or down with some distressed denim. In either scenario, you’ll look like a million bucks without having to do any major styling maneuvers.

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Expanding on that, while it’s true a collared dress shirt is pretty much de rigueur for business casual looks, that convention is only scratching the surface of what your button-down shirts could be. Hence, let’s buck tradition and move on from the school of thought that button-downs and Oxford shirts are only to be worn in the office. Whether it be traveling, going to the bars, or lounging at the beach, the right button-down shirts will stand by your side like your favorite watch or pair of loafers.

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However, button-downs are not without flaws: They often incur more discomfort and restraint than hoodies or T-shirts. The good news is that today’s button-downs for men are made with ease of movement and durability in mind, courtesy of innovative feats like four-way stretch and moisture-wicking.

So if you’re looking to add a few very best button-down shirts for men to your closet, check out the 22 below in different styles, fabric, and silhouettes. Lastly, give our men’s button-down shirt guide ahead a read too so you can find the perfect shirt for you. Destiny awaits!

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Best White Button-Down shirt

Buck Mason

Campus Knit Oxford Button Down Shirt

Best Black Button-Down shirt


Venture Long Sleeve Shirt

Most durable Button Down shirt


Tech Button Down Shirt

Best workwear Button-Down shirt

Taylor Stitch

The Jack Oxford

Best Oxford Shirt

Ralph Lauren

Slim-Fit Cotton Oxford Shirt

Most innovative button-down shirt


James Solid OoohCotton® Shirt

Best flannel button-down shirt

Mack Weldon

WARMKNIT Flannel Shirt

Best plaid button-down shirt


Hardy Flannel Shirt

Best twill button-down shirt


Blue Twill Slim Fit Shirt

Best linen button-down shirt

Banana Republic

Castello Linen Shirt

Best short-sleeve button-down shirt

Good Man Brand

Flex Pro Lite Short Sleeve Stretch Shirt

best striped button-down shirt


Collis Classic Fit Shirt in Bengal Stripe

Best performance button down shirt


Long Sleeve Bridge Button Down

Best value button-down shirt

Line of Trade

The Arrow Shirt

Best check button-down shirt

Charles Tyrwhitt

Non-Iron Twill Grid Check Shirt

Best button-down camp shirt

Tommy Bahama

Tropic Isle Short Sleeve Silk Camp Shirt

Best Button-Down dress shirt

Brooks Brothers

Original Polo® Button-Down Oxford Shirt

Best Chambray button Shirt


The Tried And True Chambray Shirt

Best knit button-down shirt

Billy Reid

L/S Knit Button Front Shirt

Best Corduroy button-down Shirt

Todd Snyder

Fine Corduroy Button Down Shirt

Best button-down Overshirt


The Heavyweight Overshirt

Best denim button-down shirt

Flint and Tinder

Bone Button Western Shirt

Button-Down vs. Button-Up

If you’re confused about the difference between a button-down shirt and a button-up shirt, the terms have become interchangeable (and it’s not worth worrying about). The only real difference between the two shirts is that a button-down refers to additional buttons that hold down your collar flaps. So if someone says “button-down shirt” you should think more casual (hence the buttons), and if someone says “button-up” you should think more formal.

Styles of Men’s Button-Down Shirts

What you should consider when shopping for a great button-down shirt are the varying styles defined by fit and fabric.

Fit: While some men might feel comfortable with a relaxed-fit shirt, it’s best to opt for a tapered fit that flatters your torso, but won’t cling to your body. A quality tapered shirt will hug your arms and broad shoulders, but won’t showcase any imperfections in your midsection. Most button-down shirts hover around a tapered fit these days so even if you buy a classic fit shirt, the silhouette will still likely have spots where it’s tapered. The same is true for a slim-fit shirt, as current trends have shown guys want a flattering fit that doesn’t restrict their range of movement.

Fabric: The sky’s the limit, mate. Corduroy makes for a workwear classic. Denim will make you look rugged and easygoing. Linen is a must-have for warmer days. knit feels like sweater. Flannel is warm as hell all-day long. And Chambray is soft and airy, perfect for a relaxing loose-fit look. Of course, there are more materials in the market. But these above are the most common, and beloved.

Types of Men’s Button-Down Shirts

Dress Shirt: They come with a collar and long sleeves, a button-front, and a full-length opening. Dress shirts are designed to match with a suit and tie.

Oxford: Unlike dress shirts, Oxford button-downs feel stiff, have no flopping collar, and can hold their shape well. They’re formal like dress shirts but are surprisingly flexible for casual looks.

Overshirt: Otherwise known as shirt jackets. These button-downs are made with thicker, heftier material so that they can be worn like outerwear.

Short-Sleeve shirt: It’s what the name suggests—button-down but make it short-sleeve. There’s a type of short-sleeve button-down called the camp shirt that stands out. Camp shirts are loose, and have an open one-piece notched collar. They’re great for summer days by the beach.

Linen shirt: Button-downs made in linen—a soft, breathable fabric—will help you stay crisp and cool in warmer, more humid climates.

Flannel Shirt: Lined or made with flannel, these button-downs are often the go-to for colder weather, and offer great thermal control by retaining your body heat.

For the past two years, Men’s Health Style editors, including our Gear & Commerce Editor John Thompson, tested a wide variety of button-down shirts. Editors evaluated the shirts based on their quality, style, and price point. We also considered button-down shirts with high ratings from e-commerce sites we trust.

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