40 Gifts for Teenage Girls in 2022: Makeup & Gadgets They Actually Want

Given the fleeting nature of TikTok trends, homing in on the perfect gifts for teenage girls can feel like trying to hit a moving target. (And can prove even more difficult than narrowing down gifts for your mom or gifts for that friend who has everything.) If you’re terrified of your 17-year-old sister’s opening up her present and releasing the same unhinged cackle she gave that time you attempted the latest TikTok dance, read on. And if you’ve never even been on the app to begin with, definitely read on, because we’re breaking down relevant gifts for teenage girls, according to the teens that rule the platform.

TikTok’s hold over beauty trends and regular fashion forecasting (whimsigoth, anyone?) make it a virtual bible among Gen Z, so it’s a solid place to scoop up holiday gift ideas. With an infinite stream of videos on the app, stumbling upon a random wish list is unlikely, but there are dedicated gifting accounts that make recommendations for presents for various age groups.

We scoured various hashtags dedicated to the best gifts for teenage girls, and they did not disappoint. From the chic Balmuda toaster to simple stocking stuffers and meaningful keepsakes, we found something for every Gen Z’er on your list—even the cousin who’s impossible to impress. Ahead, shop the coolest teen-girl-approved gifts, straight from the coolest teens on TikTok.

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PS: Your search doesn’t have to end here; we put together a guide to the best gifts for teens in general, too.

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