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5 Best Triceps Exercises for Workouts to Build Big Arm Muscles

For some gymnasium bros, daily is arm day. These guys spend ungodly quantities of time creating and tweaking (then re-creating and re-tweaking) new routine to get greater and higher pumps, with a listing of workout routines longer than a dictionary.

And but all that point spent on arising with the new good triceps workout routines, nearly all of gymgoers finally come again to the belief that primary and boring nonetheless work finest. You know, these time-tested, tried-and-true strikes that also blast your arms the identical means right now as they did once we first picked up a health journal again within the day.

Confirming that is Men’s Health health director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. and movie star coach and MH Advisory Board member Don Saladino. As they break down their 5 high triceps workout routines, you’ll discover there’s no fads or overly flashy strikes of their selections—simply the everyday meat and potatoes of conventional triceps coaching. The pair of high trainers additionally share their takes on why these strikes work finest and what to observe for when performing these in your exercise.

5 Must-Do Triceps Training Exercises

Overhead Triceps Cable Extension

This transfer could also be among the finest isolation strikes in your triceps, one that you just’ll really feel a particular burn as you proceed pumping out reps. However, Saladino states that it is a kind of workout routines that you need to have an honest quantity of shoulder exterior rotation and thoracic mobility to tug off proper. He advises to maintain conscious of any kind of low again arch, which may result in points down the street. Keep the reps excessive, within the 10 or extra vary.

Triceps Cable Pressdown

Good luck discovering one one that hasn’t included arguably the most well-liked triceps train going into their arms arsenal. And there’s a purpose for that—the motion is straightforward to carry out and comparatively secure. One of the cool advantages of the pressdown is you can make the most of completely different attachments—rope, straight bar, V bar—for hitting completely different areas of the muscle. It’s additionally versatile sufficient in which you’ll be able to both rep out with a lighter weight (suppose 15 or extra) or reduce down the reps and pile on slightly extra weight than standard. “You can load this up a little bit, get a little bit of momentum and get that really good squeeze with a heavy weight, which I think is key,” Samuel says.


Here’s one other old-school train that hits the triceps exhausting—however on the identical time will be problematic for these missing shoulder mobility. If you haven’t any shoulder points, then these are a necessary train for torching the triceps, whether or not you select to simply use your physique weight or add further weight.

Close-Grip Bench Press

Now come the heavy hitters, beginning with this finest bang in your buck train, in accordance with Saladino. Not solely are your triceps being labored however so are the shoulders and pecs. Explode on the press whilst you preserve a sluggish and managed tempo when reducing as you add use heavier weight for much less reps.

Skull Crusher

An isolation motion in which you’ll be able to push heavy weight is what makes the cranium crusher the highest triceps train, in accordance with each. Using an EZ bar takes stress off the wrists, nevertheless these will be accomplished with a straight bar or dumbbells. Keeping it within the 4 to 6 rep vary works finest in the event you’re including heavier weight.

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