7 Jumpsuits For One-And-Done Outfits

It’s 2022 and for some reason there are still no ways to get dressed with the snap of a fingers or a simple press of a button…disappointing, I know. Until then, jumpsuits make for a pretty good alternative; they are as close to one-and-done dressing as we have right now, and they are wonderfully suited to our current moment when we are spending a lot of time at home and valuing our comfort just as much as our style. 

If you are like me and cannot get enough of jumpsuits, here are 7 options, ranging from pajama-level loungewear to office-appropriate, so that you can rock jumpsuits everywhere you go. 

This Alex Mill jumpsuit, made of a light gray sweatshirt material, is comfortable enough that you could wear it to bed but structured enough (That collar! Those sleeves!) that everyone on your Zoom meeting will just assume you’re wearing a chic quarter-zip. The zip-up detail, adjustable waistband, and deep pockets are all great features as well. 

If you are a fan of fun prints, you will adore this item from Rebecca Minkoff. Featuring an all-over abstract vine print, you can wear this lightweight cotton jumpsuit with sneakers and a baseball cap for casual errands or heeled ankle boots and artistic jewelry for a quirky going-out ensemble. 

For the individual who likes her easy to wear items with a touch of business casual, go for this Wknd Nation jumpsuit that features bold contrasting black and white and a suit jacket collar style. Dress it up or down; you will look like a total boss no matter the occasion.

This sleeveless jumpsuit from Lanston is perfectly suited for warmer days, but what I love most about it is that you can layer it over or under sweaters, turtlenecks, T-shirts, and other tops to create a unique layered outfit. This would also make for a great swimsuit coverup.

It does not get better than soft terry loungewear, and this peachy jumpsuit from Lezat proves it. The soft material will make you want to wear this jumpsuit day in and day out, and it is great for both busy days at home and lounging around the house, catching up on your favorite shows on streaming services. 

This Monrow jumpsuit is all about the details: the puffed sleeves, the cinched pant legs, the rich chocolate color. Altogether, this jumpsuit is chic and elegant; the perfect starting point for an outfit or a simple one-and-done look.

Channel the disco style of the 70s with this luxe pink velvet jumpsuit from Rivet Utility. It is soft and not too fussy, making it a perfect choice for those days where you have nothing to do but still want to look amazing, but will also look great dressed up with heels and statement earrings for your next event.

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