9 Best Thanksgiving Meal Delivery Services 2022 for Your Easiest Holiday Yet

Thanksgiving dinner is a highlight of the holidays—but the hours of prep work to make it happen certainly aren’t. Thanks to the best Thanksgiving meal delivery services, though, it’s possible to enjoy all of the good stuff (namely perfectly cooked turkey and decadent side dishes) with almost none of the stress of cooking and cleaning.

Sure, it might sound shocking at first—shouldn’t Thanksgiving dinner be a DIY situation? But folks, another way is possible. When you order your meal online, there’s no chance of forgetting an ingredient and frantically searching for a grocery store that’s open. Heat-and-eat options also ensure that you won’t drastically dry out (or worse, undercook) your turkey, while meal kits allow you to put an elaborate menu for two on the table with minimal effort. And there’s flexibility, too. Many retailers allow you to order turkeys and sides à la carte, so your own family recipes can make a cameo alongside prepared dishes.

Whether you hate cooking or you could just use some extra help in the kitchen, we suggest you give the best Thanksgiving meal delivery services a shot this November. After all, this isn’t a holiday for working—you deserve to sit back, watch the parade, and take a nap right after dinner wraps up. These are the options you can’t go wrong with for Thanksgiving 2022.

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