9 Books To Inspire Your Next Adventure

From a practical guide on how to go #2 around the world (and how to stay clean and healthy in the process) to a new release from Ron Swanson in the flesh himself, these books are here to inspire, brighten your day, and get your brain thinking about your next adventure. And I think it’s safe to say we could all us a little bit more of that in our lives right now.

How to Shit Around the World: The Art of Staying Clean and Healthy While Traveling

Written by: Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth

An honest guide concerning the realities of bowel movements, parasites, and other gastrointestinal unpleasantries travelers deal with at one time or another when traveling, Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth addresses it all. From sanitizing unhealthy water to evading disaster when consuming exotic foods, avoiding dehydration, keeping good hygiene on the road, and things you need to know about immunization, there’s nothing Dr. Wilson-Howarth is afraid to discuss. A practical guide for travelers with a curious appetite, How to Shit Around the World delivers on more than just a clever title.

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play: The Pastoral Observations of One Ignorant American Who Loves to Walk Outside

Written by: Nick Offerman

Funny, extremely sharp, and at the same time equally heartwarming, Offerman’s love for the Land of the Free shines as he takes a humorous trip to America’s trails, farms, and frontier to celebrate the people, landscape, and stories, both historical and fresh, that have – and continue to – make it great.

Slow Adventures: Unhurriedly Exploring Britain’s Wild Places

Written by: Tor McIntosh

An unhurried look at what makes the outdoors great, Slow Adventures is a study in how to slow down and enjoy the nature around you with a more profound sense of understanding. As we all rush through life, this book is a practice on slowing down and taking a moment to stop and reconnect with the world around you. From willow weaving in Somerset, rock pooling in East Sussex, wild camping in Cambridgeshire, foraging in Herefordshire, spoon carving in Cumbria, fossil hunting in Yorkshire, lino printing in Monmouthshire, bushcraft in Northumberland, and sea kayaking in Inverness-shire, through these immersive adventures McIntosh helps to reignite your soul and appreciate every moment spent outdoors with just a little bit more appreciation and wonder.

Accidently Wes Anderson, the Book

Written by: Wally Koval

With a foreword by Wes Anderson himself, and with The French Dispatch now in theaters, this book is a genius look at the real-life destinations around the world fit for, and seemingly coming straight out of, an Anderson movie itself. Visually delightful and obscure, the book opens your eyes in a way that will make you look at places just a little bit different and a bit closer to the details from now on. Aided by fantastic storytelling, the book captures your curiosity and holds onto it through the last page.

My Tiny Atlas: Our World Through Your Eyes

Written by: Emily Nathan

Transport yourself far-flung locales through this collection of stunning photos and tips for truly experiencing a destination like a local. From vistas, sunrises and sunsets, city streets and urban life, tropical jungles, dramatic architectural facades, food stalls and restaurants, and more, My Tiny Atlas delivers big on the wanderlust and even bigger when it comes to the writing with more than 200 destinations and sights covered.

Sustainable Travel: The Essential Guide to Positive Impact Adventures

Written by: Holly Tuppen

Practical advice on how to experience the world and make a difference while doing it? Sign us up. Sustainable Travel is the knowledge and know-how you need to become a force for good during your next adventure. From the right questions to ask your tour operators and hotel staff to how you can reduce your carbon footprint and embrace slow travel, this comprehensive guide reveals everything you need to know to be a better traveler in today’s world.

Words from the Window Seat: The Everyday Magic of Kindness, Courage, and Being Your True Self

Written by: Taylor Tippet

Uplifting, inspiring, and adorably creative, Taylor Tippet is a flight attendant who leaves encouraging notes of wisdom on passenger windows to bring a little more joy into the world of travel, precisely like the ray of sunshine Tippet is herself. Words from the Window Seat covers stories from Tippet’s travels, daily life, and the memorable interactions with people and passengers that have left a mark on Tippet’s life.

A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future

Written by: David Attenborough

Easy to read and eye-opening, Sir David Attenborough’s insight and vision for the future, and his glimpses into the past that have gotten us to the troubled place we are today, are unparalleled. His ability to deliver important points gracefully and with encouragement is enough to inspire anyone to start being the change the world needs now.

Hidden Places: An Inspired Traveller’s Guide

Written by: Sarah Baxter

Secret destinations and beautiful hand-drawn illustrations? If that doesn’t perk your sense of wanderlust right up, you better check your pulse. From an ancient gateway to the Mayan underworld, a mysterious underwater monument sunken off the Ryukyu Islands in Japan, and a prehistoric village covered for centuries by a huge sand dune in the Orkney Islands, readers are sure to be swept away not only by these magical destinations, but in the whimsical storytelling around them.

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