A Closer Look At The Quaint Fisherman’s Village

While the fashion sensibility in Emily in Paris may not be your cup of tea, there’s something to be said about its romantic settings. Paris? Sure. But Villefranche-Sur-Mer, a small, seaside village 75 miles east of St. Tropez? That’s a whole different kind of wanderlust.

Blanketed in pastel-colored, antique buildings separated only by narrow, winding streets, the town is lit mostly by candlelight coming from intimate wine bars and restaurants. Unlike St. Tropez with its flurry of superyachts campaigning for slots at the dock, here you’ll find fishermen families selling their catch of the day straight from their hand-painted boats.

Just a few minutes of walking down the peninsula is the Grand-Hotel-du-Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel, where Emily stays in her oceanfront suite. Often host to the world’s elite, from Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Chaplin to Winston Churchill, the property is surprisingly unpretentious, with understated elegance and—staying true to Emily in Paris fashion—a bit of glamour.

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