Adjoining Cottages Once Home to Both a Man and His Clever, Beloved Bull Go Up for Auction

fifteenth Century ‘Pontious Piece Cottages’ – SWNS

A pair of dilapidated farmhouses as soon as dwelling to a person who lived alongside his ‘intelligent’ bull are quickly to be auctioned in Cornwall, England.

The historic fifteenth Century ‘Pontious Piece Cottages’ are located on the coronary heart of a world heritage web site within the village of Minions, steeped in Cornish mining historical past—however their most adorable high quality is that the buildings have been as soon as dwelling to a person and his beloved bull, ‘Scrunch’.

The late Tony Trewin made headlines for his distinctive life-style, sharing his two adjoining cottages with the highland bull.

Having rescued Scrunch as a calf, Tony at all times maintained that he was extra of a buddy than a pet, and he would welcome the animal into his home for feeding every single day.

He bottle fed milk to the orphan each evening earlier than placing him to mattress within the backyard shed. The pair had lived a cheerful reclusive life collectively, largely with out fashionable expertise or comforts.

“I know Scrunch is big and bulls aren’t known for their intelligence, but he’s as loyal and affectionate as any cat or dog,” mentioned Tony in a 2007 interview. “You couldn’t wish for a better pet.”

Thankfully, after Tony’s demise, Scrunch was allowed to remain on the land and dwell peacefully on Bodmin Moor till his personal demise a couple of years later.

The pair remained collectively in demise although, with Tony and Scrunch’s ashes being scattered collectively a brief distance from the cottages.

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The property is comprised of two adjoining granite stone cottages which have each fallen into various levels of disrepair. In the itemizing, the property brokers wrote, “The late Tony Trewin occupied Pontious Piece Cottages, in a most unconventional method.

“Tony began letting the calf into the cottages on a daily basis for his feed and the two became more than master and pet, but actually bonded as lifelong friends. Scrunch was looked after and allowed to stay and enjoy his home until he died a few years ago of old age. He was also cremated, with his ashes being scattered next to Tony.”

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“This wonderful and unique story will no doubt be preserved as restoration to Pontious Piece Cottages takes place with another.”

Hoping for a ‘bull market’ throughout the public public sale, they’re promoting the property on July 27, 2022 at 6:30pm at Strawberry Fields, Lifton, Devon, with a gap bid of £175,000.

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