America doesn’t want to be ‘humiliated on the world stage’

The Democrats could pay “a real political price” if Joe Biden allows the US to be “humiliated” by Russia, according to the President of Center of the American Experiment, John Hinderaker.

Russia has stationed an estimated 100,000 troops along its border with Ukraine, amid concerns Moscow could invade its neighbour in the coming months.

President Vladimir Putin warned America and other concerned nations Russia will not back down until a number of demands are met, including a guarantee NATO will remove troops and weapons across Eastern Europe.

Mr Hinderaker said Americans are not paying a lot of attention to the tensions on the Ukraine border, but that could change in the future.

“Americans don’t tend to care too much about foreign policy,” he said.

“History tells us absent a total disaster, there are two things Americans care about. Number one, they don’t like to see Americans getting killed and number two, they don’t like to see America getting humiliated.”

“Right now I don’t think the concern is real high with the average man on the street in the US, I don’t think most people care all that much about this Ukraine situation.

“But if something happens that is seen by Americans to be an embarrassment, a humiliation for this country, then I think that the Democrats are going to pay a real political price.”

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