Antimicrobial medication: An ant species treats nestmates with contaminated wounds through a substance produced in glands of their again

Matabele ants (Megaponera analis) in sub-Saharan Africa apply an antimicrobial substance to nestmates whose limbs are misplaced whereas raiding termite nests


12 May 2022

An ant applying medical treatment to another ant with an injured leg

An ant treating one other ant with an injured leg

Erik Frank/University of Würzburg

An African ant appears to be the one recognized species, apart from people, that may diagnose contaminated wounds and deal with them with antimicrobial medication.

Matabele ants (Megaponera analis) are comparatively massive bugs present in sub-Saharan Africa that raid termite nests for meals. This is dangerous as a result of termite nests are defended by troopers that may chew the ants, tearing off their limbs in as much as a fifth of instances.

Erik Frank on the University of Würzburg in Germany beforehand noticed that Matabele ants that …

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