Antique And Period Jewels The Subject Of New Book

Beth Bernstein has been on the forefront of the jewellery world for greater than 20 years as an historian, creator and journalist. While she typically writes about up to date jewellery design, her specialty is with vintage and interval jewels as each a author and a collector.

This specialty is the main focus of Bernstein’s newest e-book, her fourth, titled, The Modern Guide to Antique Jewellery, revealed by ACC Art Books. This 192-page publication takes the reader on a journey from the 1700s by to the early twentieth century. Billed as a “go-to guide,” it has sections starting from methods to look stylish whereas carrying jewellery that outdates you by 100 years, to methods to spot and rating the very best items. It’s written for lovers and severe collectors, she says. It contains enjoyable factual tidbits offered in a conversational fashion, and energetic narratives exploring the historical past of explicit items. It additionally offers a information to essentially the most influential outlets in New York, LA, London, Paris and Amsterdam; and accommodates commentary from sellers and consultants.

Topics embrace: methods to determine the most well-liked gems, supplies, types and collectible items available in the market, and methods to choose vintage jewellery to enhance your up to date way of life.

“I created a list of the people I thought were the top independent dealers and high end stores that I had the pleasure of meeting or doing business with or interviewing for articles. Persons and businesses that were not only knowledgeable but possessed integrity and jewels with authenticity,” Bernstein mentioned. “They all bring bits of knowledge on how they view certain periods and pieces. My goal for the book was to be more interactive for those who read it. If they desire the know-how to build a jewelry collection, they will want different opinions by meeting these dealers or visiting these exquisite shops. It is an introduction to the world of antique jewelry and without the voices and expertise of these stores and dealers, part of the story I wanted to tell would have been missing.”

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