Aquarius Season 2022 Horoscopes by Sign & Astrology Meaning

After a downright chaotic holiday season, we all need a change of pace. Luckily, the Sun is exiting busybody Capricorn and flying into airy, social Aquarius! From January 19 to February 18, Aquarius season marks a time when making tons of connections is your main focus. Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are thriving the most this month, and fixed signs Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio are keeping busy.

The sign of Aquarius is co-ruled by the planets Saturn (which governs the status quo) and Uranus (which governs disruption and surprises). This blend makes Aquarius very aware of the rules, especially the norms of society….but also means they love to shake things up. Aquarius is the zodiac’s revolutionary! And no matter your Sun sign, you’re feeling inspired to stand out and make a change right now.

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Not only are you feeling more comfortable expressing yourself, you’re also noticing that your friends are celebrating your quirks. And at the same time, you’re acting as your friends’ own personal cheerleader. FYI: It’s much easier to make new connections with people who aren’t your usual type, because you’re feeling open-minded and eager for variety.

There’s just one issue to look out for right now, and that’s putting your foot in your mouth. If you can’t stop talking about your Yellowjackets obsession but none of your friends have even seen it, maybe take it to the subreddit instead of dominating your group chat. And please try not to butt heads with anyone at the office. Aquarius has big rule-breaker vibes, which is great when you’re having fun with your friends, but not-so-great when you’re acting out at the all-hands.

As long as you can be tactful, this is one of the most social, easygoing times of year. Best of all, there’s a new friend to make around every corner. Let your freak flag fly!

Read your Sun/Rising horoscopes for Aquarius season:


You’re paying close attention to your crew right now, but still finding time to make new connections. It might feel like your friend group is playing a round of musical chairs because people are shuffling in and out. You’re just learning to fit into a squad that best suits you!


All eyes are on you, especially at work! This is a splendid time to connect with coworkers, and especially your boss. You’re coming off as more congenial and you’re feeling extra motivated, too. Play your cards right, and a raise or bonus could be headed your way soon.


Variety is the spice of life, and you’re on the prowl. You’re focused on incorporating all kinds of different people, places, and projects into your life. Don’t take things too seriously, Gemini—this month is all about broadening your horizons. It’ll be fun!


You’re one of the zodiac’s “feelers,” but Aquarius is the biggest “thinker” there is. Meaning: This month is a little tough for you. You primarily operate on the emotional level, but right now, you’re being encouraged to connect with people (especially your partner) on an intellectual level. You’ve got this!


It’s cuffing season for Leos! The Sun is now illuminating your chart’s zone of relationships, so if you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re in luck! Just one warning: This is not the time to DTR (thanks, Mercury Retrograde). If you’re already coupled up, congrats—enjoy some extra romantic time with your boo.


Work is getting much busier for you, Virgo. In fact, this is a big “busy work” transit, where you’re taking care of business, but not necessarily meeting any big goals. That’s okay! This month is all about sorting out your sched, getting to know coworkers better, and getting your work life back on track.


Love is in the air! Your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun is being lit up this Aquarius season, so if you’re looking for some speed dates or a hot hookup or two, you’re in luck! I won’t say that you’ll be 110% thriving, but what I will say is that you’re going to have an exciting, upbeat, super-hot Aquarius season!


Life at home is becoming a much bigger priority for you, Scorpio. Whether you’re spending more time with your family, chilling with your roomies, or just redecorating, you can expect to cozy inside this month. Try try to look at it as a break from the hectic, chaotic world outside.


Your phone? Off the hook. Your DMs? Absolutely stuffed. Your social life? Thriving! This month is all about spending time with the people in your immediate vicinity—friends, siblings, neighbors, and peers—and getting to know them better. This could lead to your buddy becoming your bestie, or your neighbor becoming your friend. Have fun!


You need to learn to budget better, Capricorn. Your chart’s zone of finances is being activated, and you’re more likely to overspend on stuff that you don’t really need. Try to focus on earning or saving money, rather than spending it. That being said, there’s also a good chance you’ll get a bonus or find a little extra cash.


Happy birthday! Carpe diem, Aquarius. Whatever or whoever you want in your life is easily attainable right now, and if there are any major jobs or projects you’ve been waiting to start, now’s the time! Just know that the new experiences, relationships, and jobs you start now will have long-lasting significance.


Take it easy, Pisces. Aquarius season is often a quiet, introverted time for you, and this year’s no exception. It’s time to let go of the people and things that no longer serve you, and try to move on from the past. Recharge your batteries, rest, and prepare for the year ahead. That way, once Pisces season starts, you can enter your birthday month as the best version of yourself.

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