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Are Simply Boxers’ Silk Boxers Worth It?

Are Simply Boxers' Silk Boxers Worth It?

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Sure,you may live by the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spot places in your life that may need a little improvement. Better sleep? Always in pursuit. Better sex? Obviously. But stocking up on better underwear is an underrated way of making your life feel a little more together, comfortable, and, dare we say, luxurious. We’re not just talking about lingerie, either; men also deserve underwear that makes them feel like a king, and so we’re always keeping our eyes open for brands that are doing great things in the world of silky, junk-swaddling undies. 

If you find yourself second-guessing your underwear drawer and you’re looking for a hardcore upgrade,  you may have heard of Simply Boxers. Born in New York in 2020 (when people had plenty of time to reevaluate every aspect of their lives—including their underwear), made-in-New York Simply Boxers is founded on an ethos of quality over quantity. The brand’s goal is simple: make the nicest boxers on planet Earth. We’re talking $150 washable silk pairs (the “Brooklyn Collection”) and $50 ultra-soft cotton pairs (the “Manhattan Collection”).

$50 at Simply Boxers

$150 at Simply Boxers

You’re probably wondering: How TF can I justify spending $150 on a single pair of boxers? And here’s the answer: 1) Maybe you can’t, but 2) if you’ve got the cash, these boxers are truly supposed to be the best of the best. Simply Boxers’ offerings have got all the makings of your new favorite pair—high-quality fabrics in simple, well-fitting cuts, all made with extreme care and attention to detail. Not only is every pair made in New York (which greatly reduces the brand’s carbon footprint in terms of factors like shipping and transportation logistics), but Simply Boxers also partners with The Bowery Mission, a local New York homeless organization, so that “for every pair bought, new and clean boxers will be donated to our philanthropic partners, supporting those who are desperately in need.” New Yorkers helping New Yorkers, folks—whoever said the Big Apple had an unfriendly reputation clearly hasn’t done their research.

Now that we’ve covered those bases, let’s talk about the latest drop. Designed to be something akin to Simply Boxers’ take on an athletic-inspired line, the boxers featured in the Simply Active Collection are made of a super-stretchy and absorbent fabric consisting of 93% polyester and 7% moisture-wicking polyurethane. Built with the same thought and intention as Simply Boxers’ previous releases, this new suite of underwear promises no bunching or wedgies—which can really throw off your game (pun not intended). For the guy that likes his underwear to be a little… literary, its limited-edition “The Active New Yorker” pair pays homage to the iconic magazine by stitching its logo  into the waistband. Eat your heart out, Calvin Klein. 

$45 at Simply Boxers

Since it’s clear that Simply Boxers has ticked all the boxes when it comes to keeping guys…well, covered, we’d like to point out that if there’s ever a time to drop $150 on a pair of washable silk boxers, it’s during the holiday season—whether gifting to a loved one or to yourself. We should give you a fair warning if you decide to pick up a pair (or three) for daily rotation: They very well might be “stolen” by your girlfriend, one-night-stand, or roommate.

Salute your shorts!

The Manhattan Collection, Brooklyn Collection, and Active Collection are available at Simply Boxers

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