AUKUS deal ‘getting realer by the moment’

ASPI’s Executive Director Peter Jennings says the AUKUS submarine deal is “getting realer by the moment”.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton has now signed the AUKUS Exchange of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information Agreement, which formalised Australia’s access to nuclear submarine technology.

“Now we’ve moved from something which was effectively a press conference to something which is starting to look close to a treaty,” Mr Jennings told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“I believe it’s going before the treaty’s committee in Parliament.

“Effectively that binds an incoming government of either political stripe and it starts to clear some not insignificant bureaucratic hurdles in the United States in particular which might get in the way of presidential decisions to let Australia have access to this technology.

“So, it is an important step and it’s one that brings us just that little bit closer towards realising a proper nuclear propulsion capability in the future.”

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