Australians asked to have ‘a little bit of patience’ over booster shot bookings

COVID-19 Taskforce Commander Lieutenant General John Frewen says there’s “more than enough” booster vaccines for eligible Australians but asks for “a little bit of patience” if people can’t get an immediate booking.

It comes as from today 3.75 million Australians can now receive their boosters as the rollout is brought forward.

People can now receive their booster four months after their second dose – it had previously been five months and before that six.

The changes are based on advice from ATAGI aiming to offer increasing protection against Omicron.

“We have more than enough vaccines for everybody who is eligible,” he told Sky News Australia.

“The real challenge in this now is distribution and just making sure that we’re getting the vaccines to where the demand is so people can get through.”

Mr Frewen also asked for patience in getting a booking for a jab as millions more Australians become eligible for a booster shot.

“I just do ask people to have perhaps a little bit of patience if they can’t get an immediate booking but I’m sure if people try a few different avenues they’ll be able to get their boosters pretty quickly.”

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