Bella Hadid Can Do Literally Anything in This Bedazzled Bra and Underwear Set

Anything you can do, Bella Hadid can do better in this bedazzled bra and underwear set. (Unless it’s, like, surgery or something…probably.)

On August 25, the model teased her latest project on Instagram by sharing behind-the-scenes photos in a sparkling Balenciaga bra and underwear set with a pair of glamorous black lace opera gloves, a chunky logo necklace, and dollar sign-shaped rings. What was she doing in these photos? Working, of course! “Me submitting my assignments online while partying in another city,” one Instagram user commented on the pics, which feature the model writing something on a laptop. 

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Answering emails is not the only thing Hadid got up to while wearing this look. Later, it was revealed that Hadid dressed in this head-to-toe Balenciaga ensemble for Offset’s latest music video for “Code,” featuring rapper Moneybagg Yo. In the video, Hadid wears the set with a pair of matching heeled booties while contorting herself in a series of poses, including planks! I can’t even hold a plank for longer than 30 seconds in sneakers and an old T-shirt!


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

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