Biden administration ‘out of touch’ amid back-to-school transgender video

Save Women’s Sport Australasia’s Katherine Deves says in the US, Save Women’s Sports has been pushing forward legislation at a state level to push back against policies that “allow men and boys to play in women’s sports”.

This comes amid the Biden administration issuing a ‘back-to-school’ video for transgender students, pledging to crack down on any anti-trans policies.

“37 states have introduced legislation and nine have passed,” Ms Deves told Sky News.

“And when you look at the polls, the UK, the US, Canada and Ireland have all conducted polls in this area and two-thirds to three-quarters of people do not agree with policies that allow men and boys to play in women’s sports.

“So the vast majority of people are sensible and they see that this is a problem.

“So the IOC, the Biden administration they’re all out of touch.”

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