Bop Shop: Songs From Oliver Sim, Megan Thee Stallion And Dua Lipa, And More

When listening to a brand new tune for the primary time, the thoughts wanders. When spinning a tune from Toronto native Hannah Bussiere Kim, who releases lush and expansive music as Luna Li, for the primary time, the thoughts could wander fairly far. Midway by way of the fantastic “What You’re thinking,” mine discovered seemingly unrelated sonic callbacks to, of all issues, a Wilco b-side the place the pretend strings are so thick and syrupy they could as effectively be cascading down a brief stack. Now, Luna Li doesn’t sound like Wilco. “What You’re Thinking” is an addictive little bit of R&B-indebted pop, however sonically, it is not removed from indie rock. Similar strings sounds and distinct tune passages make it a miniature orchestral masterstroke. The thoughts wanders. And with Luna Li, what it finds is, in a phrase, drama. Delightful, verdant drama. —Patrick Hosken

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