Cambridge corvid lab closure forces intelligent birds to search out new houses

A seminal analysis lab that has revolutionised our understanding of the minds of rooks and jays is about to be closed down as funding dries up


13 May 2022

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A pair of rooks on the corvid cognition lab in Madingley, UK

Francesca M. Cornero

Behind a thatched pub within the village of Madingley close to Cambridge, UK, is a set of aviaries that’s residence to 25 jays and 7 rooks.

For Nicola Clayton, who arrange the ability 22 years in the past, these birds supply a novel window into the minds of different creatures. But not, maybe, for for much longer.

Clayton’s Comparative Cognition Lab – or, as she dubs it, the corvid palace – is about to shut in July attributable to a miserable …

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