‘Cannibal’ coronal mass ejection will hit Earth tonight, scientists say

The dazzling northern lights might mild up the skies as far south because the northern United States after the detection of 17 photo voltaic eruptions blasting from a single sunspot, two of that are headed straight to Earth.

Two of these eruptions triggered a “cannibal coronal mass ejection” which has begun barreling towards the Earth at 1,881,263 mph (3,027,599 km/h). When it crashes into the Earth’s magnetic discipline on the evening of March 30, the outcome will likely be a highly effective G3 geomagnetic storm, based on The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). G3 storms are labeled as robust geomagnetic storms, which means that the oncoming solar blast might deliver the aurora as south as Pennsylvania, Iowa and Oregon.

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