Chris Daughtry daughter update news – Hannah Daughtry’s boyfriend Bobby Jolly arrested after her death in Nashville


News of Hannah Price’s death was first reported on Friday, November 12.

Her boyfriend, Bobby Jolly, was arrested the same day, but on the unrelated charge of failure to appear in court on their hit and run case. 

The clerk explained Bobby failed to appear for the charges against him as early as his first scheduled hearing on the matter, saying, “Bobby failed to appear in court on June 21st, and a warrant was issued for his arrest at that time.”

The Sun can also reveal that while Bobby was picked up Friday in Fentress County, Tennesse, he has since been handed over to the Putnam County Sheriff, where he and Hannah were arrested on the hit and run charges. 

A source at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department told The Sun “Bobby is in custody here but it’s unrelated to anything going on with the investigation in Fentress County.”

“He is only here for a capias warrant for failure to appear, completely unrelated to any other events going on.” 

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