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Chris Moyles, 48, was the sixth star eliminated from I’m A Celebrity last night and came out with a new slimline figure after shedding almost 10kg. Speaking for the first time since he was able to return to luxury in a five-star hotel, Chris boasted that he hasn’t been this slim “since school”. 

He said: “I got weighed right at the beginning of isolation, and then literally the first thing you do when you come out, you have you go see the medical officer and they weigh you and I lost weight.

“I am the lowest weight since school. I have lost a stone-and-a-half. 

“I don’t know if you can see if I pull my T-shirt up but it is flat from my boobs all the way down,” he continued on Radio X.

Looking at a photo, he said: “My arms look great. A nice workout I guess and money well spent with the personal trainer.”

Moyles has spoken a lot about his weight in the past and used to be heavier when he was on Radio One, before he went to the gym and changed his lifestyle to be healthier. 

During lockdown, Chris also appeared on Ross Kemp’s podcast, The Kempcast, and discussed not only his career but his major weight loss transformation – where he also stated that his body and wheat do not get on, leading to him not buying bread “in years”.

“I’ve lost six stone. From my worst weight I was 18.2,” he said to Ross.

He also revealed that he weighs himself five to six times a week and trains just as many times.

“I know you shouldn’t and I know it’s not for everyone but why I do that is so I can learn about how my body works. I will train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and I will watch what I eat and I will eat very little.”

Speaking in his exit chat on Friday morning, Moyles also told how he “hacked the wifi” when in isolation preparing to go into the jungle – just so he could watch his beloved Leeds United.

But asked about a Liverpool v Leeds game, Moyles grinned and told his Radio X co-stars: “I managed to watch the game. So, you come to Australia and from the moment you enter the airport, you’re in isolation so you get driven on your own to a house.

“They take your phone and iPad off you and the house has got 24-hour security and there’s a massive fence at the back bottom of the garden so you can’t escape.

“And you’ve got no contact with the outside world unless you hack the WiFi and then what you do is you subscribe to an Australian sports channel.

“So, you can watch the Premier League and what you do is then watch the Liverpool v Leeds game and don’t respond to it. And then you also watch the Grand Prix on Sunday.” 

The camp now has just five campmates: Lioness Jill Scott, Owen Warner, Mike Tindall, comedian Seann Walsh and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

As it stands, Jill is the current favourite to win with odds of 4/9.

Bookmakers BetVictor also bet Seann Walsh will be the next celebrity to be eliminated with odds of 1/5.

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