Congolese Nun Overcomes Blackouts by Becoming Electrician to Create Hydroelectric Plant


Occasionally swapping sandals for wading boots, however holding their veils tucked beneath their arduous hats, a gaggle of Congolese nuns has been skilled in electrical engineering to maintain the city’s hydroelectric operating easily.

Powering a convent, a church, two faculties, and a clinic, Sister Alphonsine Ciza’s work on the native mini hydroelectric plant is each free and very important for town of Miti within the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Ciza and a few of her sisters have been despatched by their convent to check electrical engineering.

“The convent needed a technician, someone who could help,” Ciza informed Reuters. “In me they saw in me the talent of electrical engineering so they offered me the opportunity to go and study.”

What they noticed was a younger nun repeatedly sticking her head and fingers into the convent’s electrical energy issues, usually with the tip results of fixing them.

With energy disruptions all too regular within the metropolis of 300,000 folks, Ciza started to lift cash in 2015 for a extra dependable system—which means youngsters can now be taught necessary laptop expertise on computer systems, moderately than via books.

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“Previously, power often only came on at night, when children were no longer in school,” stated headmistress Mweze Nsimire Gilberte. “Having our own turbine has been a great relief.”

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