Coronavirus NSW update: Why NSW Health is no longer reporting COVID-19 case breakdowns at 11am

There is a change to how NSW Health will report the status of coronavirus cases when it releases the figures at 11am each day.

Usually, when the premier or health officials announce how many new infections there are, they provide a breakdown of linked and unlinked cases.

They also announce how many people with the virus were infectious in the community.

However, from today, this will no longer happen.

Instead, NSW Health will publish this data in its surveillance reports.

“NSW Health is no longer reporting the number of linked and unlinked cases, and the isolation status, at 11am,” a spokesperson for NSW Health told

“With current case volumes, this data is not a meaningful representation of case investigations.

“Updates on the outcomes of all case investigations are published in NSW Health’s COVID-19 surveillance reports available online.”

These are generally released weekly and can be found here.

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