DHS designates Ukraine for Temporary Protected Status for 18 months

The transfer will present work permits and safety from deportation for individuals who “cannot safely return” to their residence nation. DHS mentioned the designation is a results of ongoing armed battle and extraordinary and short-term situations in Ukraine that “prevent Ukrainian nationals, and those of no nationality who last habitually resided in Ukraine, from returning to Ukraine safely”.

Stakeholders within the US together with Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, NAFSA and the American Council on Education referred to as for authorities to prolong Temporary Protected Status to Ukrainian college students within the US.

Writing to the Departments of State and Department of Homeland Security, ACE president Ted Mitchell, requested for “as much flexibility and support as possible for Ukrainian students and scholars currently in the US, and for students and scholars seeking to leave Ukraine during the current crisis”.

The letter requested Ukrainian college students on F-1 or J-1 visas, in addition to these finishing F-1 OPT or J-1 Academic Training, to “be offered flexibility regarding their current visas”.

“Some students and scholars may have seen their financial situation suddenly change”

“Some of these students and scholars may be close to the end of their program of study, research, or training, and may not be able to immediately return to their home country during a war,” Mitchell mentioned.

“In addition, some students and scholars may have seen their financial situation suddenly change, and we ask for accommodations for those who must work while they undertake their studies in the US.”

On the announcement from March 3, secretary of homeland safety Alejandro N. Mayorkas mentioned in “extraordinary times”, the US will “continue to offer our support and protection to Ukrainian nationals”.

Under the designation, people who try to journey to the US after March 1 won’t be eligible for Temporary Protected Status, the DHS added.


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