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Earlier at the moment I set you the next puzzles about dividing up meals, impressed by the Lwów college of arithmetic, a bunch of mathematicians who lived within the metropolis that’s now Lviv within the Thirties.

1) Three mates every contribute £4 to purchase a £12 ham. The first buddy divides it into three components, asserting the weights are equal. The second buddy, distrustful of the primary, reweighs the items and judges them to be value £3, £4 and £5. The third, distrustful of them each, weighs the ham on their very own scales, getting one other outcome.

If every buddy insists that their weighings are appropriate, how can they share the items (with out reducing them anew) in such a approach that every of them must admit they received a minimum of £4 of ham?


The third buddy should consider that a minimum of one of many items is value a minimum of £4, since in the event that they didn’t, the entire of all of the items wouldn’t add as much as £12. They take this piece. There at the moment are two items left. One of those items have to be a chunk that the second buddy thinks is value £4 or £5, and so the second buddy takes this one. The first buddy takes the remaining piece, which they assume is value £4.

2) Ten plain and 14 seeded rolls are randomly organized in a circle, equidistantly spaced, as under. Show that utilizing a straight line it’s at all times attainable to divide the circle into two halves such that there are an equal variety of plain and seeded rolls on both facet of the road.

Show there’s at all times a diameter that cuts the circle into two batches of 12 rolls with an equal variety of plain and seeded.


The 24 rolls are in a circle. Draw an arbitrary line that cuts the circle in half, as under, dividing the rolls into two sides of 12. If one facet has 5 plain rolls, then we’re executed. Let’s say the left facet has greater than 5 plain rolls. (The proper facet, due to this fact, has lower than 5 plain rolls).

puzzle 2

Rotate the minimize anticlockwise by 1/24 of a full rotation, as proven by the dotted line under, in order that the left half loses its roll on the prime and positive factors a roll on the backside. If the misplaced and gained roll are the identical sort, then this half has the identical variety of plain rolls in whole because it did earlier than. If the highest one is apparent and the opposite seeded (or vice versa) then the entire variety of plain rolls reduces by 1 (or will increase by 1).

puzzle 3

If we carry on rotating the road, every time dropping and gaining a roll, then after 180 levels, the part that was ‘left half’ will now be the ‘right half’, which we all know has lower than 5 plain rolls. In different phrases, the part began with greater than 5 plain rolls, after which in a strategy of both including or dropping a single roll, ended up with lower than 5 plain rolls. There will need to have been a step on the best way that there have been precisely 5 plain rolls.

For readers desirous to know what this has received to the ham sandwich theorem (which I mentioned within the earlier submit), each of them contain functions of the intermediate worth theorem, which states that if a price is shifting constantly from A to B, it would go each worth from A to B.

I hope you loved at the moment’s puzzle, I’ll be again in two weeks.

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