Discover The Making Of An Icon

Reaching into recent history, the Petersen Automotive Museum’s newest exhibit is a comprehensive look at one of the most fascinating innovations of the contemporary car world. Tesla’s inspired history and role in clean energy promotion is the focus of “Inside Tesla: Supercharging the Electric Revolution”, set to open to the public on November 20th. Bringing together automotive allure, technological curiosity and the design process, the new exhibit strives to break down how Tesla rose, and how the company plans to continue reaching new heights.

Shown in a venue like the Petersen, which is known for its vintage and supercar exhibits, the exhibit is a unique glimpse into the many moving parts that create an automotive icon. Visitors will have the chance to spot early prototypes as well as rare models, all while being guided through the space by informative displays. As a special addition to the exhibit, material production company Von Holzhausen will be partnering with Unplugged Performance to present an exclusive Tesla S Plaid featuring animal and petroleum- free upholstery.

The entire showcase will be housed in the first floor Mullin Family Grand Salon and Phillip Sarofim Porte Cochere, and the museum is open daily. Other exhibits that are currently up at the Petersen’s Los Angeles location include Hypercars: The Allure of the Extreme, Andy Warhol: Cars From the Mercedes- Benz Art Collection and Cars of Film and Television.

Paired with the historic appeal of a venue like the Petersen, this Tesla treasure trove of information is guaranteed to be a learning experience for guests of all ages, especially as the company continues to expand its distinct mark on the automotive industry.

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