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If you’re looking for a DNA kit that gives you insight into your individual health and fitness needs, a DNAfit test kit might be the right choice for you. With three options of varying prices and the ability to link previous DNA tests you might have done with other companies to the DNAfit database, it’s never been easier to see how your genetics impact your nutritional needs.  

Essential Information

Results available forever

Actionable advice based on each result

Partnerships with other brands to provide meal and training plans

Easy to understand breakdown of results

In-depth analysis of each nutrient or food

Provides genotype

Explains your genetic responses to carbs and fat

Connect Ancestry DNA or 23andMe data

Easy to follow visual instructions

Swab for saliva 

The process of collecting your DNA is quick and easy, using a cheek swab instead of a finger prick so is not an uncomfortable experience. The kit comes quickly through the post to your front door, with a prepaid envelope for you to send your sample back to the company. Although our tester had some problems getting a sufficient amount of DNA on the swab at first try, DNAfit were happy to send out another free of charge, and the second test was successful.

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