Dominic Kalms on Bringing the E-Commerce Revolution to Philanthropy

The Lesson: If someone wants to start an e-commerce platform to sell goods or services online, there are literally thousands of tools ranging from simple drag-and-drop interfaces that the biggest luddite could use, to the most comprehensive panoply of features for enterprise-level operations. But for charitable or non-profit work, even though the market cap and market velocity are similar, the tools just aren’t there. Dominic Kalms has built several platforms capable of allowing people to set up a non-profit project for whatever social good they’re trying to achieve, as easy as using Shopify.

Notable Excerpt: “There’re 1.7 million non-profits, and starting a non-profit is hard. The average cost—labor and time is very prohibitive, I mean you’re talking $20,000-plus, average, to start a non-profit. To get the IRS to approve a non-profit, that’s 6-8 months, on average, and if you want to be compliant across the federal, state, and local jurisdictions across the United States, there are over 200 documents that need to be filed. So I thought to myself ‘there’s got to be a better way,’ so what I did with GVNG is I raised a round of venture capital financing and we built a digital one touch solution for instantly launching, running and managing your own non-profit project, or donor-advised fund. Over the last 5 years we’ve powered thousands and thousands and thousands of non-profit projects, we’ve processed millions of dollars of non-profit capital through our system.

The Guest: Dominic Kalms is a venture backed entrepreneur and philanthropist with an expertise in financial tech, charity and non-profits. He has created two revolutionary philanthropic platforms, B Generous, and GVNG, a venture-backed platform that facilitates the creation of instant charitable giving accounts. He has raised over $50 million in venture and philanthropic capital during his career, but is also a public speaker of a Tedx Talk, and a long list of global forums on philanthropy on Nexus Global Summit, or TechCruch’s Global Ventures Summit.

The Podcast: Livin’ Good Currency explores the relationship of time to our lives. It gives a simple, straight-forward formula that anyone can use to be present in the moment—and features a co-host who knows better than anyone the value of time (see below). How do you want to spend your life? This hour can inspire you, along with upcoming guests, to be sure you are ‘Livin’ Good Currency’ and never get caught running out of time.

The Hosts: Good News Network fans will know Tony (Anthony) Samadani as the co-owner of GNN and its Chief of Strategic Partnerships. Co-host Tobias Tubbs was handed a double life sentence without the possibility of parole for a crime he didn’t commit. Behind bars, he used his own version of the Livin’ Good Currency formula to inspire young men in prison to turn their hours into honors. An expert in conflict resolution, spirituality, and philosophy, Tobias is a master gardener who employs ex-felons to grow their Good Currency by planting crops and feeding neighborhoods.

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